Te Atatū T2 lanes Te Atatū T2 lanes

Te Atatū (South) T2 and bus priority lanes

Status: Completed

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Project update

We would like to extend our huge thanks to the wider Te Atatū South community for their patience and cooperation during the construction phase of the Te Atatū T2 lanes and other improvements.

We are pleased to report that we have completed all major work along Te Atatū South. This work is part of the Northwestern Bus Improvements project aimed at providing a more efficient bus network to service the rapidly growing population of Northwest Auckland.

We still have some minor night work pending, to paint long-life road marking, but we’re waiting for good weather conditions and traffic management approval.

Map of Te Atatu South showing locations of works on Te Atatu Road, Edmonton Road, Roberts Road and McLeod Road

Works completed

Te Atatū Road between McLeod Road and Edmonton Road

  • Installed new northbound T2 lane that operates from 7am to 10am, Monday to Friday
  • relocated existing bus stops and shelters:
    • 117 to 115 Te Atatū Road
    • 114 to 116 Te Atatū Road
    • 137 to 135 Te Atatū Road
    • 206 to 204 Te Atatū Road
    • 197 to 215 Te Atatū Road
    • 234 to 244/246 Te Atatū Road
  • signalised 3 existing zebra crossings outside 134, 210 and 250/252 Te Atatū Road
  • reconfigured and signalised Te Atatū Road and McLeod Road intersection.

Edmonton Road and Te Atatū Road intersection

  • Installed short northbound T2 lane that operates from 7am to 10am, Monday to Friday
  • retained the existing cycle lane and installed new cycle lane barriers.

Te Atatū Road between Edmonton Road and Bridge Avenue

  • Installed a new northbound T2 lane that operates from 7am to 10am, Monday to Friday
  • installed a buffer between the southbound cycle lane and the T2 lane
  • extended a cycle lane across the Jaemont Avenue intersection to 269 Te Atatū Road.

Street with separated cycle lane painted on the left side of the street

Te Atatū Road and Roberts Road Intersection

  • Signalised intersection with pedestrian crossing provisions across all 3 arms, including realignment kerbs
  • extended existing footpath on the western side of Te Atatū Road to property boundary
  • installed advanced cycle boxes on the approach lanes of the intersection
  • realigned zebra crossing across the carpark exit with a new raised zebra crossing.

Project timeline

The public provided feedback on this project from 15 November 2021 to 5 December 2021. The Te Atatū South Bus Priority Lanes Public Feedback Report (PDF 746KB) summarises the large number of submissions we received. The report also includes our responses to queries and concerns received from the community.

  • November 2021 to 5 December 2021: consultation period
  • September 2023: public feedback report published
  • November 2023 to May 2024: construction period
  • May 2024: construction completed, T2 lane is operational.