Guidelines for Total Mobility travel Guidelines for Total Mobility travel

Total Mobility conditions of use

When you use your Total Mobility card you agree to travel under the Total Mobility conditions of use. Please read these before first using your card.

Taxi operators in Auckland

Only some taxi operators accept Total Mobility cards. Find out which taxi operators in Auckland accept Total Mobility and which areas they operate in.

We recommend you book ahead

We recommend that where possible you book ahead when you wish to use Total Mobility. This is for three main reasons:

  • You can tell the taxi operator’s Call Centre you are a Total Mobility client. Not all the drivers for our taxi operators can take Total Mobility clients. We require a higher standard of training for our drivers to support your safety and dignity. Not all operators have 100% of their drivers trained to this higher standard.
  • During the evening and weekend there are fewer taxis on the road. This is particularly the case for wheelchair accessible taxi vans.
  • You can tell the taxi operator if you need extra help e.g. have the taxi come up your drive to pick you up.

Booking ahead gives you more certainty that your travel will be easy.

Carry your Total Mobility card when you travel

You must have your Total Mobility card with you when you travel. Your card will need to be ‘swiped’ by the driver in the taxi so your travel subsidy can be paid by Auckland Transport.


Auckland Transport subsidises 75% of the taxi fare, up to a maximum fare cap of $80 per trip. For trips over $80, Auckland Transport will only pay a maximum subsidy of $60.

Carer support

You can take a carer to travel with you if you need support to make your trip easier. Your carer can be a paid carer, a family member or friend.

Travel restrictions

You can use your Total Mobility card for most trips you want to take. There are, however, a few restrictions. These are set out in section 5 of the Total Mobility conditions of use.

The main restrictions are:

  • You must use your Total Mobility AT HOP card in a responsible manner including taking the most efficient route and minimising use where possible.
  • That the trip must be for your travel, not for someone else’s travel.

Please read section 5 of the Total Mobility conditions of use for the full list of restrictions.


Sometimes things don't go as well as they should. If you are unhappy with the service you receive, firstly raise the issue with the taxi operator, if you are still unhappy contact Auckland Transport call centre at 09 366 6400.

If you need to complain, ask the driver for a receipt. When you complain provide as much information as possible about what’s gone wrong, for example time, date, cab number. This makes it much easier for both the taxi operator and Auckland Transport to investigate the issue.

Bus, train, ferry and the accessibility concession

If you have the Total Mobility card then: 

  • It will have the AT accessibility concession set up on it. The accessibility concession gives you discounted travel when you use bus, train and ferries. You will need to load ‘money’ onto the card (just like a normal HOP card) to travel.
  • If you have one of the older style TM cards you can still get a blue HOP card with the accessible concession or apply to get your current AT TM HOP card replaced with one of the new ones.
  • Your Total Mobility card also gives you the PlusOne Bus Companion concession on the bus. Find out how Plus One Bus Companion making bus travel more accessible. This allows you to take a carer with you on the bus for free. Just make sure you tell the driver that you are using PlusOne.
  • The accessibility concession together with the PlusOne concession will make your travel cheaper for those times when you can use scheduled public transport.

Total Mobility Newsletter

We send out an email newsletter each month providing further information about Total Mobility and other public transport news. If you would like to be added to the newsletter distribution list, please contact

Travelling outside of Auckland

The Total Mobility scheme operates throughout New Zealand and allows arrangements with other local authorities to receive discounted travel in their region.

Total Mobility doesn’t operate in all centres in New Zealand. The maximum subsidy may also be much less than in Auckland. Please check the website for the region you are going to visit before travelling.

Visitors to Auckland

If you are visiting Auckland and you have a Total Mobility card issued by your local regional council, you can use the card in Auckland.

  • If you have an electronic card, it can be swiped by Auckland taxi card readers.
  • If your local scheme doesn't issue electronic cards, ask your regional council for a voucher.
  • If you use a voucher, you will need to ask the Auckland taxi operator to process a manual transaction. Some drivers may be unfamiliar with this process, so you may need to ask them to contact their Call Centre for help.


Do not enter your credit card number, bank account number, or any other personal financial information.