Transfer liability of vehicle infringement Transfer liability of vehicle infringement

To have a parking, bus lane or transit lane infringement removed or transferred to another person, you'll need to provide a statutory declaration, supporting evidence and details of the infringement.

Step 1: Fill out a statutory declaration

Fill out the relevant statutory declaration with information explaining why you are, or are not liable for this infringement, for example if your car was stolen or you recently sold it.

Before you sign the form and add the date and place, you need to find an authorised witness.

Driver statutory declaration

  • Complete this form if you were the driver of a vehicle issued with an infringement notice and you wish to accept responsibility for the infringement offence.
  • Print and complete the Driver statutory declaration form (PDF 70KB).

Stationary vehicle statutory declaration

Special vehicle lane statutory declaration

Step 2: Getting the statutory declaration witnessed

You'll need to sign the form and fill in the date and place before an authorised witness, which includes a lawyer, a Justice of the Peace (JP), a notary public, a court Registrar or Deputy Registrar, a Member of Parliament.

Find a Justice of the Peace.

Step 3: Gather supporting evidence

You’ll need to provide evidence to support the facts you are presenting, for example:

  • A police report if your car was stolen.
  • A NZ Transport Agency transfer receipt/sale agreement if you sold your car before the infringement took place.

Step 4: Submit your application


Query your infringement online and attach your statutory declaration and supporting evidence. Each file must be less than 2MB.

By post

Download, print and complete the Vehicle infringement query form (PDF 88KB).

Or, write a letter with the following details: Ticket number, vehicle registration number (number plate), your full name, date of birth and contact phone number.

Post your query form or letter, statutory declaration and a copy (not the originals) of any supporting evidence to:

Auckland Transport
Parking Review
Private Bag 92260
Auckland 1142.