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Buy a ticket from ticket machines before you board AT ferry services or tag on with your AT HOP card for your travel. 

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Single trip paper tickets

Ferry fares and timetables 

Using AT HOP for travel 

Where to buy ferry tickets

Single trip paper tickets

  • You need to buy a ticket before you board or tag on with your AT HOP card for your travel. You will be required to present your ticket to staff as you board the ferry.
  • This will provide you with a consistent experience across all services and minimise the need for cash transactions. 
  • Ticket machines are located at ferry terminals across the network, except Northcote Point. If you are travelling to and from Te Onewa Northcote Point, you will need to purchase a paper ticket when you depart or arrive at the Downtown Ferry Terminal.
  • Most machines accept cash, credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or Eftpos.
  • Find out how to buy a single-trip paper ticket from a machine

Ferry fares

For information on ferry ticket prices and conditions, see Ferry fares.

Ferry timetables

For updated ferry schedules, see Ferry timetables.

Using AT HOP for travel  

  • You can use AT HOP on all Auckland Transport ferry services except Rakino and Island Direct's Waiheke Island ferry services. 
  • Using an AT HOP card is cheaper and faster than cash fares. It provides at least a 25% discount off single trip cash fares, excluding the Fullers360 Waiheke ferry service.
  • You can purchase AT HOP cards at ticket and top-up machines across Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland including the AT Customer Service Centre, Pier 1 at the Downtown Ferry Terminal.
  • See AT HOP retailer and top-up machine locations
  • AT HOP cards also provide an integrated fare, meaning you can transfer between AT buses, trains and ferries and pay just one fare for numerous zones you travel. Learn more about integrated fares.

Buy AT HOP card

If you already have an AT HOP card, find out how to top up your card

Where to buy ferry tickets

Bayswater, Te Onewa Northcote Point, Birkenhead, Half Moon Bay, Gulf Harbour, Beach Haven, Hobsonville Point, Pine Harbour, West Harbour ferry services

You can purchase single trip paper tickets for ferry services and top up your AT HOP card at

  • Downtown Ferry Terminal
  • Ticketing machines located across Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland

Devonport ferry service

Fullers360 10-trip FlexiPass and Fullers360 Monthly Passes are no longer available for purchase for Devonport services, and the Fullers360 ticket office at Devonport has closed

The Fullers360 single and return tickets for Devonport are no longer available for purchase prior to boarding. AT and Fullers360 staff are still located at the wharf.

You can purchase tickets for the Devonport ferry service from

  • AT HOP ticket machine located at the Devonport wharf, near the toilets
  • AT Customer Service Centres (CSC) at Pier 1 at the Downtown Ferry Terminal

Fullers360 Waiheke Island ferry service 

You can purchase tickets for the Fullers360 Waiheke ferry service from 

  • Downtown Ferry Terminal
  • Mātiatia Ferry Terminal
  • Online on the Fullers website.

The new AT HOP Waiheke ferry monthly pass will save residents $58 when compared to the Fullers360 monthly pass.

The pass allows unlimited travel for one month on all Fullers360 Waiheke ferry services, and on all buses and trains that are in the same zone as the start or end of the ferry trip (including Waiheke Bus services). 

Travel on adjoining zone trains and buses in the city is only available on the AT HOP monthly pass, and is not available if travelling on Fullers360 tickets.

Get the Waiheke monthly pass

Island Direct Waiheke Island ferry service

You can purchase tickets for the Island Direct ferry service between the Downtown Auckland Ferry Terminal and Matiatia Wharf Waiheke Island online on the Island Direct website. The Island Direct ferry is 100% bookable at no added cost, giving customers the certainty to plan their journey in advance.

Where there is unsold inventory, passengers will also be able to ‘walk up’ and purchase a seat on Island Direct’s Waiheke Island ferry services. Sales will be cashless, paid by EFTPOS when boarding at either Matiatia Wharf (pier 3) or the Downtown Auckland Ferry Terminal (pier 13/14).

Fare on Island Direct is $27.50 one-way, or $50 return.


  • AT HOP and SuperGold is currently not available for use on Island Direct’s Waiheke ferry service.
  • Tickets must be purchased directly through the Island Direct website, or in-person when there is unsold inventory.
  • Capacity is limited, so customers are encouraged to plan their journey in advance and book online.

Rakino ferry service

Rakino tickets can only be bought on-board and are not available on AT HOP. 

Rangitoto ferry service

Please call Fullers360 directly for fares and any other information on 09 3679111, or visit the Fullers360 website.

Please note AT HOP cards are not valid for travel on Rangitoto ferry services.