Regional Public Transport Plan (RPTP) Regional Public Transport Plan (RPTP)

The Regional Public Transport Plan (RPTP) describes the public transport network that Auckland Transport (AT) proposes for the region, identifies the services that are integral to that network over a 10-year period, and sets out the policies and procedures that apply to those services.

About the RPTP

The AT Board approved the 2018-2028 Regional Public Transport Plan (RPTP) at its 12 February 2019 Board Meeting. 

Transport is a key component of a city’s success. As you can see in the video below, Auckland is growing and as more people live here, the number of trips taken on our transport networks is increasing.

The public consultation period for the RPTP has closed and we have analysed the feedback. You can download the report at the top of this page.

The space available for transport networks is finite. This means that we need as many people as possible to travel using efficient forms of transport; such as walking, cycling and public transport. These alternative transport options take less space and are more environmentally sustainable than private motor vehicles.

A well-used public transport system is fundamental to making Auckland livable. We need a plan to identify public transport needs and opportunities, and to set out the solutions.


Public engagement

Public consultation closed Friday 14 December 2018.


We’ve analysed the feedback received from the public and various interest groups and used this to help us inform the plan. This updated plan was been approved by the AT Board at the 12 February 2019 Board Meeting.

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