Regional Public Transport Plan 2023-2031 (RPTP) Regional Public Transport Plan 2023-2031 (RPTP)

The draft RPTP outlines AT’s proposals for Auckland’s public transport system over the next 8-years. Public feedback on the draft plan closed 17 August 2023.

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About the RPTP 2023-2031

The RPTP is our draft plan for public transport, it outlines:

  • How public transport will be managed and improved over the next 8-years, with a detailed focus on the first 3-years.
  • The public transport services that will operate during this time period and how they will change.
  • The goals, policies, and actions that will shape public transport.
  • How we will monitor the performance of the public transport system and check it’s meeting Aucklander’s expectations.

Our most urgent priority is fixing problems like driver shortages and service reliability, but we still need to plan for the future. Our proposed vision and goals for this RPTP are:

Vision: To massively increase public transport use to reduce congestion, improve access for Aucklanders, support the economy and enhance the environment.

Diagram showing 5 visions and goals for the RPTP.

Read the draft RPTP or the summary version to learn more about these goals and how they will be delivered, including our key proposals for public transport.

NZSL translation of the summary document

What you've told us needs improving

Before we heard from the public in July/August 2023, we had already heard from over 2,000 Aucklanders and held several workshops with key interest groups. Below are the most common things people tell us about public transport, and some examples of how we intend to tackle them (as proposed in the draft RPTP).

Fix the current issues due to driver shortages and service cancellations

  • We’re working hard to fix these problems; this is our priority.
  • We’re on track to have the bus driver shortage fixed by the end of 2023.
  • KiwiRail’s rebuild of the rail network will be complete by early 2026, reducing cancellations and disruptions.

Provide more frequent services

  • The Auckland Council Climate Action Targeted Rate will fund 10 new frequent bus routes by 2027, and we will deliver another three frequent routes by 2031.
  • By 2026 trains will run every 7.5 minutes at peak travel times and every 15 minutes the rest of the day.
  • More ferries operating on several routes by 2025.

Speed up travel times

  • City Rail Link will speed up train journeys meaning twice as many people will be within 30 minutes of central Auckland.
  • More bus lanes on key routes.
  • More bus queue jumps and priority at key intersections.

Make fares cheaper

  • We are proposing a weekly fare cap that allows unlimited travel for a fixed price.
  • Government funded half-price fares for under 25s and free fares for under 13s have already kicked-off.

Make improvements for people with accessibility needs

  • Continue implementing our Accessibility Action Plan and funding the Total Mobility Scheme.
  • Continued roll-out of audio announcements on buses, and ongoing accessibility improvements to stops and other infrastructure.

Provide better communications and technology

  • Improvements to the AT Mobile app and online channels to share information quicker.
  • By 2025, passengers will be able to use credit cards to board public transport.

More train lines, more busways, build light rail

  • City Rail Link creates the rail capacity to have more trains running more often.
  • Electric rail extended to Pukekohe and three new trains stations being built on the southern line.
  • Stages 2 and 3 of the Eastern Busway.
  • North-west bus improvements.

Make using public transport feel safer

  • Rolling out transport officers on buses like those on Auckland’s trains.
  • Testing the implementation of safety barriers to protect drivers.

Make public transport better at dealing with severe weather events

  • Maintenance programmes will upgrade infrastructure, and new infrastructure will be designed, so it’s less vulnerable to increasingly severe weather events.

Create a low carbon PT system

  • Over 1,000 buses (75% of the fleet) will have no tail pipe emission by 2031.
  • Electric ferries in operation on several routes by 2025.
  • Electric trains to Pukekohe by 2026.

Further explanations about service changes

Read detailed explanations for the proposed changes to the Gulf Harbour Ferry, Te Onewa Northcote Point Ferry, and the Outer Link Bus Service.

Public feedback on the draft RPTP

The public provided feedback on the draft RPTP from 17 July to the 17 August 2023. People could provide feedback via our online survey, email, or in person at one of our 14 in-person and online events.

We received over 3,000 submissions.

It will take some time to read, consider, and summarise all this feedback, but we expect to share a report summarising feedback in late September or early October.

Project timeline

Late 2022

  • Identify issues and opportunities for public transport and develop draft RPTP goals.
  • Engagement activities included:
    • Market research survey (over 1,000 Aucklanders)
    • Three workshops with key interest groups

January – April 2023

  • Further feedback on draft goals, develop draft actions, and research on Aucklanders priorities for public transport.
  • Engagement activities included:
    • Market research survey (over 1,200 Aucklanders)
    • Two workshops with key interest groups
    • Auckland Council Planning Committee endorse strategic direction for the RPTP

May – June 2023

  • Develop draft RPTP
  • AT Board endorses draft RPTP for public feedback

July – August 2023

  • Public feedback on the draft RPTP

September – October 2023

  • Local Board feedback on the draft RPTP
  • More key interest group workshops
  • Amend RPTP taking feedback into account
  • Share initial report summarising feedback on the draft RPTP

November 2023

  • Finalise RPTP
  • RPTP submitted for approval by AT Board
  • Share AT's final decisions and responses to feedback on the RPTP

The current Regional Public Transport Plan 2018-2028

The AT Board approved the 2018-2028 Regional Public Transport Plan (RPTP) at its meeting on 12 February 2019. This RPTP will be replaced with the 2023-2031 RPTP at the end of 2023.

You can download the following 2018-2028 RPTP documents: