CCTV policy CCTV policy

This CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) policy sets out how Auckland Transport (AT) will install, operate, and manage CCTV systems, and how it will collect, use and manage CCTV footage and CCTV data, to support its functions and activities.


This policy applies to all CCTV systems used, owned, operated or managed by AT, including CCTV on trains, roads, vehicles, carparks, airfields, drones, in buildings and body-worn cameras on AT staff, as well as the following CCTV systems, which are not managed by AT:

  • CCTV systems operated on board ferries or busses that are owned and managed by the operator
  • CCTV systems operated on State Highways and other transport assets which are managed by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency (WK-NZTA), and operated through the Auckland Transport Operations Centre (ATOC)
  • CCTV systems operated on ferry wharves which are not managed or operated by AT
  • CCTV systems which are part of the Safer Cities vGrid network x Local Boards’ or other community based CCTV systems to which AT has access.

This policy must be complied with by:

  • All AT employees and contractors
  • AT representatives
  • Service providers under the terms of contracts with AT (such as consultants)
  • Agency temps (in accordance with the terms of their supplier agreement with AT)
  • Staff on secondment to AT from other organisations/agencies
  • Transport service operators who collect, use, or manage CCTV under the terms of contracts with AT.

This Policy does not apply to the use by WK-NZTA of CCTV systems it owns.

Download full policy (PDF 205KB)