Advertising policy Advertising policy

The purpose of this policy is to set out high-level principles, together with a decision-making framework and criteria, governing the approval of advertisements which appear on AT’s infrastructure, facilities, airfields and services.


  • Advertisement or advertising means any advertisement in any form proposed to appear on Auckland Transport’s infrastructure, facilities and services.
  • Applicant means the person seeking approval for an advertisement to appear on Auckland Transport’s infrastructure, facilities and services.
  • ASA means the Advertising Standards Authority.
  • Auckland Council Group means all Council Controlled Organisations and Council Organisation, those terms having the meaning given in the Local Government Act 2002, of Auckland Council and Auckland Council.
  • Days means any day not being a public holiday and excludes any applicable closedown period, such terms to have the meaning given to the in the Holidays Act 2003.
  • AT means Auckland Transport.
  • AT infrastructure, facilities and services means any infrastructure, facilities and services operated, managed or controlled by or on behalf of AT on which AT has the right to approve advertisements, including but not limited to:
    • Rail services and facilities,
    • Bus services and facilities,
    • Ferry services and facilities,
    • Roads as defined in the Local Government Act 1974,
    • Off-street car parks,
    • Park and Ride facilities,
    • Interchanges,
    • Access ways for which Auckland Transport is responsible.
    • Airfields
  • Contract Manager - key liaison with contracted media partners and AT staff.

Required standards

No party may use the Auckland Transport brand or its name, logos, trade-marks or service marks or refer to the Auckland Transport brand, name, logos, trade-marks or service marks directly or indirectly in any media release, public announcement, advertising or public disclosure without Auckland Transport’s prior written approval.

AT will not approve, or permit advertisements to remain on AT infrastructure, facilities or services if, in AT’s sole discretion, the advertisement falls within any of the following categories:

  • does not comply with the NZ Advertising Standards Authority code of ethics and specific codes,
  • is reasonably likely not to comply with any law, bylaw or regulation or may incite someone to break the law,
  • is likely to cause widespread or serious offence to members of the public on account of the nature of the product or service being advertised, the wording or design of the advertisement or by way of inference,
  • depicts men, women or children in a sexual manner or displays nude or semi-nude figures in an overtly sexual context,
  • depicts or refers to indecency or obscenity or uses obscene or distasteful language,
  • relates to the sex industry including the provision of related products and services,
  • depicts direct or immediate violence to anyone shown in the advertisement. i.e. inclusion of assault rifle gun images in advertising creatives
  • condones or provokes anti-social behaviour,
  • relates to films which have not been granted permission for public exhibition or which do not show the Office of Film & Literature Classification certificate,
  • contains images or messages which relate to matters of public controversy and sensitivity,
  • refers to or portrays (or gives the impression of portraying) a living person unless the written consent of that person is obtained and is produced to AT,
  • contains negative references to AT’s services or those services provided or regulated by other members of the Auckland Council Group,
  • is likely to be defaced due to the subject matter or due to the inclusion of a high proportion of blank space,
  • may adversely affect in any way the interests of the site owner,
  • relates to products, services or activities that are in conflict with AT safety and community objectives,
  • relates to a political party or parties or a political cause,
  • uses handwriting or illustrations that would suggest the advertisement has been damaged, defaced; fly posted or subject to graffiti, after it has been posted,
  • The positioning, erection, content or method of display of any advertisement must not pose a health and safety risk as determined by AT or its advisors at their sole discretion,
  • promotes gambling or gambling related activities,
  • promotes alcohol brands or products,
  • promotes tobacco or products simulating smoking including electronic cigarette and vaping brands,
  • AT will have regard to advertising which supports health and healthy lifestyle choices; AT continues to support & endorse industry self-regulation, such as no advertisement of high saturated fat, salt or sugar products within 300 metres of a primary or intermediate school

Approval of advertisements placed on AT’s infrastructure, facilities or services

a) AT media partners must submit advertising content to AT for review before publishing if they are unsure whether the creative will comply with this policy.

b) AT will notify applicants via email whether the advertisement has been approved or rejected. This will be done within five days following receipt of the request.

c) Applicants may change or vary rejected advertisements if the changes will assist them to achieve compliance with this policy. Revised advertisements must be submitted to AT for review in line with clause 5 (e) of this policy.

d) AT reserves the right to remove or to request the removal of any advertisement that, in AT’s reasonable opinion, does not or is found not to comply with this policy.

Roles and Responsibilities

Role Responsibility 
All Employees and Representatives
  • Adherence and compliance with this policy and supporting procedures.
Executive Leadership Team, Group or Department Managers
  • Promote the principles of this policy.
  • Notify applicable personnel of the requirements of this policy and procedures.
Policy Owner/s Exec. GM Customer Experience
  • Develop, consult, seek approval of, and implement policy and aligned processes for the development of the Advertising Policy for AT.
  • Guide/approve system development to support policy/process
  • Administer requirements of policy/process relating to advertisements.
  • Monitoring and updating of this policy and procedure.
Bus, Rail and Ferry Service Managers
  • Review and approve advertising content on bus, train and ferry facilities and services.
Group Manager Road Corridor Operations
  • Review and approve advertising content on road corridors, walkways and bridges.
Group Manager Parking Enforcement
  • Review and approve advertising content at car parks and park & ride.
Group Manager Communications
  • Responsible for escalation communication.
Business Development Manager
  • Key liaison with contracted media partners and AT staff.

Approval and amendment of policy

This policy was approved by the Auckland Transport Board.

Next Review Date: 15 May 2024

Last updated: 24 May 2021
First published: June 2014