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Auckland Transport

Road processes for property owners Road processes for property owners

Property owners will sometimes need to apply to Auckland Transport for permission to make changes to their property if the changes take place on the road corridor, or have to do with legal, but unformed, roads.

Encroaching Planters 294

Road encroachment licences or leases

Any encroachment onto the road surface, subsoil or airspace of a legal road must be authorised by AT.

Road Stopping Aerial 294

Road stopping

Find out about changing the legal status of a road to a freehold title.

Houses Being Built 294

Removal of building line restrictions

Find out how to apply to have a building line restriction removed.

Houses 294

Removal of limitations as to parcel

Find out how to apply to remove limitations as to parcel.

Paper Road 294

Unformed legal roads (paper roads)

Unformed legal roads are a legally-recognised public accessways to a particular area or feature.

House Construction 294

Consent from AT as adjoining landowner or affected party

Landowners may need to obtain consent from AT as an adjoining landowner or affected party.

Crane 294

Consent for works in an AT Designation or Notice of Requirement

Any works within an Auckland Transport designation or notice of requirement must have prior written consent from AT.