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Smiling woman in a hajib hands her AT Hop card to an Auckland Transport staff member while another staff member assists

What is Fareshare?

With Fareshare, employers can subsidise their staff’s public transport costs when they travel to and from work using Auckland Transport (AT) services.

Once Fareshare is loaded onto their AT HOP cards, passengers are charged a reduced fare on eligible journeys. You, the employer, pay the difference, which we’ll bill you for monthly.

You can choose to subsidise 25%, 50% or 75% of AT travel from either Monday to Friday or Monday to Sunday. Fareshare is exempt from Fringe Benefit Tax, so there’s no tax burden for your organisation or your staff.


Employers who participate in Fareshare can:

  • offer a valued employee benefit
  • reduce demand for employee parking
  • lessen congestion and pressure on parking spots around their business
  • meet their business sustainability goals.
Genesis Energy
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‘Our people loved it, and we have now increased the subsidy to 50%.’ 

How much might Fareshare cost my business?

An employer providing a 50% subsidy to 100 staff would pay around $115,200 per year, or $1,152 per employee. This estimate is based on travelling to the workplace 4 days a week and an average fare of 3 zones.

Contact us to find out more. We’ll send you a simple cost calculator tool so you can work out your potential costs.

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