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Image of several commuters boarding a yellow Northern Express double-decker bus.

Travelwise helps businesses move themselves and their staff to more sustainable travel modes. 

With a Travel plan, you can:

  • reduce emissions to help reach climate impact goals
  • reduce your reliance and spending on parking
  • enhance staff safety, wellbeing, and satisfaction
  • boost recruitment, productivity, and retention
  • trim business travel costs
  • reduce congestion around your business.

How we can help

To help your business reach its goals, we can:

  • educate your staff about public transport options
  • assist your business in subsidising HOP cards for staff use
  • help your business become more bike-friendly
  • advise on incentives for staff to give up car parks
  • reduce the need for company vehicles – and parking – by switching to e-bikes and e-cargo bikes for short trips and smaller goods deliveries. 
The daily grind
Image of cars struck in rush hour traffic

Less than 27% of Auckland commuters use sustainable modes to get to work

Travelwise for business
AT staff member speaking with a woman in a turban

Businesses with Travelwise plans average over 50% travel by sustainable modes

When’s the best time to start?

Any business can benefit from a move to sustainability at any time. But if you’re planning to move offices or your circumstances, accounting procedures, or KPIs have changed, now is a great time to get in touch.


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