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Mooring sites are located within Mooring Management Areas throughout the Auckland region. Auckland Transport (AT) grants an annual mooring licence to boat owners, allowing occupancy of a mooring (annual fees apply).

For all mooring enquiries, please contact the Harbourmaster's office, c/o Auckland Transport or phone: 09 362 0397

Mooring Management Areas in Auckland

There are 70 Mooring Management Areas (MMA) where mooring is permitted in the Auckland region.

The Harbourmaster's office administers mooring areas to ensure that the space is used most effectively and the boats are suitably positioned within the areas.

Download a list of Mooring Management Areas (PDF 63KB, 1 page) 

Types of moorings

Pile moorings

The Auckland Council owns and leases pile mooring berths at:

  • Te Atatu (Whau River).
  • Panmure (Tamaki River).
  • Sandspit (Matakana River).

There is a waiting list for pile moorings in these areas. To enquire about availability or be added to the waiting list, contact the Harbourmaster's Office with your name, address and vessel details.

Swing moorings

Most swing moorings are privately owned and are administered by the Harbourmaster's office.

See moorings for sale and rent.

Contact the Harbourmaster’s office to ensure the mooring is suitable for your vessel before purchasing or renting. Alternatively, if space is available within the area you require, the Harbourmaster's office can assist by allocating a site.

You will need to make arrangements with an approved mooring contractor to install appropriate mooring hardware (at your cost).

A waiting list may apply within some mooring areas. For more information, contact the Harbourmaster's office.

Other types of moorings

If you wish to establish a mooring outside a MMA, then you will need to apply for a resource consent. Contact the Harbourmaster's office for more information. 


The Harbourmaster does not administer marinas.

Annual mooring fees

You need to pay the annual fee to be able to moor your vessel within MMAs in the Auckland region.

Get annual fees for moorings.

Buying or renting a mooring

If you are looking to buy or rent an existing mooring, you'll need to ensure that the mooring is suitable for your vessel.

Contact the Harbourmaster's office with the mooring number or mooring owner's details and we can provide necessary information about:

  • Mooring location.
  • Construction of the mooring.
  • Last inspection date.
  • Type and size vessel the mooring site is permitted for.

Please note:

  • You can only rent a mooring for a maximum of 6 months.
  • You cannot rent/sublease a mooring in a waiting list area.

Find moorings for sale or rent:

Waiting lists

There are waiting lists for some mooring areas:

Swing moorings

  • Algies Bay
  • Andersons Bay
  • Buckletons Bay
  • Dawsons Creek
  • Jamieson Bay
  • Kawau Island
  • Leigh
  • Matiatia
  • Omaha
  • Opahi Bay
  • Rakino Island
  • Sandspit
  • Scotts Landing
  • Stanmore Bay
  • Te Kapa
  • Ti Point
  • Weiti River

Pile moorings

  • Panmure
  • Te Atatu
  • Sandspit

A mooring in a waiting list area can only be sold to the waiting list. You cannot rent/sublease a mooring in a waiting list area. 

For availability or to be added to a waiting list, contact the Harbourmaster's office with your name, address, and vessel details.

Mooring owners

Selling or renting your mooring

AT provides a free listing service for moorings available for sale or rent.

You must notify us when you rent your mooring and when it is vacated.

For current mooring listings, how to list your own mooring and information on selling or renting your mooring, see Moorings for sale and rent.

Transferring ownership of your mooring

Once your mooring has sold, you will need to send us a completed mooring transfer certificate, signed by both parties, along with the $57.80 transfer fee and a photo of the new owner's vessel. 

The photo can be sent by hardcopy or electronically to

Download the mooring transfer certificate (PDF 49KB, 1 page)

Post or email your completed transfer certificate to:

Harbourmaster's office
Auckland Transport
Private Bag 92250
Auckland 1142.

Mooring transfer fee payment options:

  • cheque or money order made payable to Auckland Transport.
  • Harbourmaster's office, Auckland Marine Rescue Centre, 3 Solent Street, Mechanics Bay.
  • internet, or phone banking: 02 0192 0122888 03. Reference: 50006589 and your name.
  • any Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) branch: 02 0192 0122888 03. Reference: 50006589 and your name.

Rules for mooring license holders

  • The mooring license holder may not assign, transfer or sublease the mooring site unless authorised and approved by the Harbourmaster. 
  • You must not occupy anyone else's mooring unless you have prior approval from the mooring owner and permission from the Harbourmaster's office.
  • You cannot rent/sublease a mooring in a waiting list area.
  • You must notify the Harbourmaster in writing if you wish to change the boat specified on the mooring licence.  
  • The vessel on the mooring must comply with the terms and conditions of the mooring licence.
  • If your mooring site is to be unoccupied for a period greater than six months, written approval is required by the Harbourmaster. Due to high demand for moorings in some mooring areas, the mooring must be used on a regular basis. If a site is not used for six months or more, the licence could be revoked. Written notification is sent out prior to the licence being revoked.
  • The mooring site number must be clearly marked on the mooring buoy.
  • The mooring licence holder is responsible for vessel seaworthiness.
  • You must maintain your mooring hardware in a safe and efficient condition. The mooring tackle should be checked and serviced on a two or three year cycle. The Harbourmaster will request a mooring inspection certificate from the mooring licence holder, to be obtained from a mooring service provider. This requires the mooring tackle to be lifted and every component checked and inspected.
  • You must notify the Harbourmaster if you change your postal address or contact details.
  • See Navigation Safety Bylaw.

You should also wash the hull of your vessel regularly, to minimise the risk of the Mediterrieam Fanworm.

Read the fact-sheet online, or check out the Ministry of Primary Industrues webstite.

Mooring inspections

All moorings must be maintained in a safe and efficient condition.

You will be reminded six months before your mooring is due for its two or three yearly mooring inspection. This allows enough time to book with a mooring service provider so that it is inspected before the due date.

When inspected, if the condition of the mooring is acceptable, a mooring inspection certificate will be issued (much like a vehicle warrant of fitness).

The most common cause of mooring failure is lack of maintenance. Please check your mooring regularly.

Book your inspection in plenty of time

Mooring contractors have a lot of moorings to inspect. They also have to work around weather and tidal conditions. Make sure you book your inspection when requested, to minimise delays.

Mooring service providers

Hauraki Marine Services

Contact: Laurence Wall

Hallett Enterprises Ltd

Contact: Mark Hallet

Mermaid Marine Moorings Ltd


Contact: Glen Collins

Contact: Dave Collins

Moorings & Marine Services Ltd


Contact: Hamish Stanaway

Rodney Mooring Maintenance (Rodney area only)

Contact: Harry Verney

Tidal Engineering


Contact: Stuart Cole

Having a new mooring laid within a mooring management area

Contact the Harbourmaster's office with your preferred area(s). Please provide Harbourmaster staff with your vessel details so that we can advise which areas and mooring sites are available. 

Subject to approval, a mooring licence will be issued. You can then make arrangements with an AT-approved mooring service provider for a mooring to be laid at the allocated site.

If the mooring you'd like is not within a Mooring Management Area, you will have to apply for a resource consent.

Cancellation of mooring site licence

If you wish to cancel your mooring licence:

Let us know in writing:

  • Email:
  • Fax: 09 362 0399
  • Post: Harbourmaster's office, Auckland Transport, Private Bag 92250, Auckland 1142.

Return your invoice:

Alternatively, return your mooring annual fees invoice. Include written notification on the invoice that you wish to cancel the licence. Your signature is required.

The mooring licence holder is responsible for the removal of the mooring hardware.

Pirating - unauthorised occupation of a mooring

If a vessel is occupying your mooring and is not authorised to do so, please contact the Harbourmaster's office in the first instance.

Boating facilities

AT and the Harbourmaster's office does not own or operate marine facilities.

If you have a query, please contact the facility owner. This may be a marina company or boating club.


Pile moorings