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Recording your bike serial number Recording your bike serial number

Find your bike serial number and record it for safe keeping.

Where to find your bike serial number

You should record your bikes unique serial number, for example, when you've recently purchased a new bike. This is the only way to identify a bike and to prove ownership of it.

The serial number can be found printed on the underside of the bottom bracket, as shown in the diagram below.

Diagram showing where the serial number can be found on your bike

How to record your bike serial number

  • Take a photo of your bike and its serial number and save it on your smart phone or in the Cloud.
  • You can also record your serial number and other details about your bike, as well as other personal ownership information online.

If your bike is stolen

  • If your bike is stolen, report this to your local police station.
  • If you are able to supply the bikes serial number, then that will assist the NZ Police in returning your bike to you if it is recovered.