Licence plate recognition Licence plate recognition

Ticket-less parking

The ticket-less entry, exit and payment system uses licence plate recognition to read your vehicle licence plate number, rather than needing a paper ticket.  

Avoid queues at the payment machines by using the AT Park app to pay. Please pay before returning to your car, to help avoid queues forming at the exit.  

If you use the payment machines, you will need to know your licence plate number. Tip: Take a photo of your licence plate number so you have it with you when it’s time to pay. 

Entering a ticket-less car park

  1. Drive into the entrance, slow or stop in front of the barrier arm
  2. The camera will read your licence plate number, record your time of entry and open the barrier arm
  3. This is a ticket-less system (unless the camera cannot read your number)
  4. Drive in and park

If camera cannot read your licence plate number

If the camera cannot read your plate number when entering, the sign will tell you to take a ticket from the machine. Keep the ticket with you - you will need it to pay at the machine before you return to your car.

If there are issues entering, exiting or paying, please use the call button on the payment machines (Level 1), or at the entry and exit machines, to speak with our parking team.

Pay with the AT Park app

You can use the AT Park app to pay for your parking.

  • You do not need to start a parking session
  • When you enter the car park your licence plate number and time of entry will be recorded
  • When you return to your car, open the AT Park app, enter the Area ID (on signs in the building) and complete payment
  • Drive to the exit and the barrier arm will open automatically to exit.

Pay at machine

Payment machines accept EFTPOS, and credit and debit cards, including PayWave.

  • Pay at the machine before returning to your car
  • Follow instructions on the machine, including entering your licence plate number
  • The parking fee will be calculated from the time you entered the car park
  • Scan your paper ticket or voucher, if you have one
  • Once you have paid, you have 15 minutes to leave the car park.

Exiting the car park

  1. You must pay before exiting
  2. Approach the exit barrier arm, the camera will read your plate number
  3. If you have paid, the barrier arm will open.

Help while in the car park

Use the call button on the payment machines (Level 1), or at the entry and exit machines, to speak with our parking team.