A parking officer's job A parking officer's job

Auckland Transport's parking officers provide enforcement services on public roads, in public places, car parks, transit and bus lanes. Their job is to address traffic and safety issues as well as improve the efficiency of these areas.

A parking officer's job

Parking officers are here to help, assist and guide you in making effective parking decisions as you travel around Auckland. On any one day there's up to 160 of us doing our job, so if you are unsure of anything, whether it is where to park, or how to find the place you are going to, just ask us.

Our roles also influence travel demand management. This is where we assist in freeing congestion and increase parking space turnover to make access to your city easier.

Every month our service levels are measured by 'Mystery parkers' who come from all walks of life and put us through our paces on the job. They assess us on every aspect of the interaction, from our greeting, to how we handle their infringement, our uniform, even how we complete the meeting.

As part of their duties, Auckland Transport's parking officers can issue an infringement notice for the following stationary or moving vehicle offences:

  • Breaching the parking regulations and bylaws e.g. illegal parking
  • Driving in a transit or bus lane during hours of operation
  • Some traffic safety issues
  • Evidence of vehicle inspection offences (WOF & COF) e.g.
    • evidence of vehicle inspection (WOF) is not displayed
    • expired vehicle registration
    • unlicensed motor vehicle on the road
    • worn or damaged tyres
    • unauthorised license plates
    • vehicle does not meet the legal on road requirements. 

Parking officers also have powers to:

  • Manage road safety and traffic issues around special events
  • Request your details e.g. name and address and details about your vehicle
  • Direct a driver to move their vehicle if it is illegally parked
  • Move or arrange to move your vehicle to any place where it doesn't constitute a traffic hazard.


Auckland Transport's parking officers are warranted to provide enforcement services throughout Auckland by the following legislation:

In some areas of Auckland, parking officers operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week but their operating times do vary by location.


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