Pay by plate parking Pay by plate parking

“Pay by plate” parking is a paperless parking payment system that uses your vehicle’s licence plate number.

You do not need to return to your vehicle to display a ticket. Your vehicle licence plate number is used to confirm that your parking has been paid.

Report a problem with a pay by plate machine

Ways to pay

Pay by plate machine

  • You can use the pay by plate machines located in paid parking areas to pay for parking

AT Park

  • You can register with AT Park (online account) to pay. Once set up you can use the AT Park app, AT website or text (SMS) to start and stop a parking session.
  • Find out how to register and use AT Park

How pay by plate works

Pay by plate parking is a paperless system that works by using a vehicle licence plate number rather than a paper ticket.

Pay by plate only records the plate number entered, this is not associated with, or cross-referenced to any other authorities’ data base for vehicle registrations. No vehicle owner information is captured when paying with pay by plate machines.

Our parking officers use licence plate recognition to confirm that your vehicle has a valid parking session in the area it is parked.

How to use pay by plate machines

To pay for parking, you enter the vehicle licence plate number and pay for the amount of time you want to park.

You do not receive a paper ticket, so there is no ticket to display in your vehicle.

If the machine is faulty, you must pay for parking at another machine, or use AT Park to pay.

Pay for parking at machine

  1. Enter correct vehicle licence plate number.
  2. Check vehicle licence plate number is correct.
    • If the licence plate number is wrong, select cancel and start again.
  3. If licence plate number is correct, press 'OK'.
  4. Select desired time
    • Select time period, select “MORE” or “LESS” until desired amount of parking time is reached. Then press 'OK'. The display will prompt you to either insert your card or present card to the PayWave reader.
  5. Machine will ask if you want an eReceipt (electronic receipt).
  6. If you select “YES” it will display a 4-digit code and the URL for you to go online to download your eReceipt.
  7. Once your transaction is complete, the machine returns to the main screen.
  8. You can re-enter your vehicle licence plate number and machine will display a summary or your parking session.

Machine payment options

Credit card or debit card

You can use your credit or debit card (50c transaction fee applies). Cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards, and Visa debit cards.

Machines also have tap and go functionality, where you can use your Visa PayWave or Mastercard PayPass card.

EFTPOS not available

EFTPOS cards cannot be used at pay by plate machines.

Entering vehicle licence plate number

You are required to correctly enter the vehicle licence plate number corresponding to the vehicle parked.

Pay by plate does not have the ability to look up the vehicle licence plate number you entered to check that you have entered a valid plate number.

The pay by plate machine will display a confirmation screen, showing the plate number entered and time selected before finalising the transaction. If the vehicle licence plate number is wrong, select cancel at this point and return to the start.

If you have entered the wrong licence plate number into the machine, and pressed “OK” at the confirmation screen, the transaction cannot be reversed or credited at the pay by plate machine.

If you enter the wrong licence plate number, an infringement notice may be issued.

Check parking time

To check time remaining, go to any pay by plate machine within the same price zone as where your vehicle is parked, and enter the vehicle licence plate number. The time remaining will be shown on the machine screen.


Pay by plate machines do not issue a paper ticket or receipt.

You do not need to display a paper ticket in your vehicle.

If you require a receipt, eReceipts (electronic receipts) are available. Instructions to receive an eReceipt are shown on the machine screen, and provided below.

How to get an eReceipt

  1. When you complete your payment using a pay by plate machine, the machine will display a message asking if you want an eReceipt. Select “yes” if a receipt is required.
  2. A 4-digit receipt code will be shown on the screen.
  3. Record this receipt number (Tip: record the number by taking a photo with your phone, or make a note in your phone).
  4. Visit website.
  5. Enter the 4-digit receipt code.
  6. Enter the vehicle licence plate number.
  7. Choose to save/print the eReceipt.

eReceipt not found

If you have entered your 4-digit receipt code and licence plate number in to and then get the message “No transaction found”, it is possible that you have entered the incorrect licence plate number either in to or in to the machine at the time you paid.

Please check your licence plate number and try again.

Register to receive eReceipts

You can choose to register your email address at so that all future receipts and transaction details for that vehicle plate number will be sent to your email address. You will need to use a 4-digit receipt code from a parking session when setting this up.

To receive your eReceipts to your email, you must select “yes” when asked if you would like an e-receipt each time you pay for parking at a machine.

Register with AT Park

Another option is to register for AT Park (our online service) to pay for parking, rather than using the pay by plate machines.

When you use AT Park to pay for parking, all your parking payments are recorded in your account, and you can access your transaction history for your record keeping.

Find out how to register and use AT Park

Request eReceipt

If you are not able to obtain your eReceipt, Auckland Transport may be able to provide it.

Requests are processed on a case-by-case basis and we do not guarantee that the receipt will be provided. Auckland Transport is only able to process a request for a receipt when all the required information has been provided.

Required information if you entered the correct licence plate number:

  • Vehicle plate number.
  • Date of transaction (Note: bank statements often display the processing date, not the transaction date).

Required information if you may have entered the incorrect licence plate number:

  • Machine number, or street address where machine is located. 
  • Confirm method of payment.
  • If paid by card what are the last 4 numbers of the card used (do not provide full card number, Auckland Transport will never ask for your full credit or debit card number).
  • Value of transaction.
  • Date and time of transaction (Note: bank statements often display the processing date not the transaction date).
  • If you regularly drive different vehicle(s), please also provide those plate number(s), in case you inadvertently entered the wrong vehicle details.

Complete our feedback form, and include the required information for your eReceipt request to be processed.


Auckland Transport will assess refund requests when all the required information has been provided,

Credit card duplicates

It is not possible for the pay by plate machine to double charge a credit or debit card on payment for one parking session. However, some customers see a duplicate transaction appear on their bank statement, often this will appear as ‘pending’ or ‘on hold’ on your bank statement.

Please wait 7 days from the transaction date and check your account to see if the duplicate transaction has been removed before submitting a refund request.

Refund request

Auckland Transport will review each refund request submitted and respond within 10 working days. Please note: Though we will contact you within this timeframe, the matter may take longer to resolve. Refund requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Required information:

  • Machine number or street address where the machine is located
  • Date and time of transaction
  • Amount of transaction
  • Method of payment (debit or credit card or AT Park app)
  • If you paid with a card, provide the last 4 digits of that card (Do not provide your full card number. Auckland Transport will never ask for this information.)
  • Indicate if this was a machine fault or human error
  • Fault description
  • If the wrong licence plate number was entered, provide both the incorrect plate number and correct plate number.

Please complete our feedback form and include the above information for your refund request to be considered.

Parking times, tariffs and locations

Parking times and tariffs vary from one area to another. Always check the nearest pay by plate machine or AT Park for parking rates and times of operation.

In all paid parking areas there is a 10 minute grace period. If you are parking for less than 10 minutes, you do not need to pay.

Locations of paid parking areas

Find locations of pay by plate paid parking zones and car parks:


Customers cannot park in a paid parking area during designated clearway or bus lane times, as displayed on parking restriction signs.

Parking inside these times may result in an infringement or the vehicle being towed.

Pay by plate machines will not accept transactions if a restriction that prohibits parking applies to its location, during the restricted period.

Public holidays and non-tariff hours

All machines are programmed in advance to accommodate public holidays and non-tariff hours.

If a customer parks outside normal operating hours, the machine will not accept payment until machine enters ‘wake up mode’ typically 2-3am the next day. Then you can pay in advance for the next charged tariff.

Wake up mode

To avoid customers inadvertently paying for parking once the paid tariff has ended, ie when parking is free, the machine will not take payment. The pay by plate machine screen will display the message: “Operating hours above” directing you to read the tariff and understand when paid parking next commences.

However, there is a wake up period where the machine will be in wake up mode and will accept a payment prior to the beginning of a tariff. This allows you to use the machine to pay for your parking session prior to when the tariff comes into effect.

Roll over period

In some instances, you can pay for parking across 2 tariffs. If you are parking your vehicle and paying today, but intend to leave your vehicle overnight, you can select enough time to pay for parking until the end of the paid tariff is reached and include more time for the next morning when the paid tariff commences again. If the parking machine is located where PM or AM Clearways or Bus Lane Restrictions come into effect, roll over payment will not be possible.

Parking during events

Prior to events commencing, advisory signs are placed in the vicinity of the event venue, eg. Spark Arena stating that the area is now a tow away zone, due to the upcoming event.

Pay by plate machines will be either switched off, covered or display the message “Event” and not accept payments to allow for alternative parking restrictions, therefore customers should find alternative parking, even if signs state event starts at 6pm and it is only 6am.

Customers will not be able to purchase parking from these machines once Event mode is active.

Conditions of use

If you are parked in an Auckland Transport paid parking zone or car park:

  • By law, any vehicle parked in a paid parking area must have a valid parking session during the hours of operation.
  • A valid parking session is one where the vehicle licence plate number of the parked vehicle has been entered into a parking machine or AT Park, relevant to the vehicle’s location, and payment has been processed.
  • Failure to have a valid parking session may result in an infringement notice being issued.
  • Customer is required to correctly enter the vehicle licence plate number. If wrong plate number is entered an infringement notice may be issued.
  • After the maximum authorised time (if time limit applies) vehicle must be moved, or an infringement notice may be issued.
  • If the maximum time allowed, or the time of a valid parking session is exceeded, an infringement notice may be issued.
  • Motorcyclists must have a valid parking session to be considered legally parked.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to be aware and obey any restrictions for time limits, Clearways and Bus Lanes that relate to the location of their parked vehicle.
  • Payments made at parking machines are final, and Auckland Transport does not provide refunds for unused portions of parking sessions.

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