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Auckland Transport

TaxisTaxis and taxi ranks

Taxis play an important role in moving people around the region. Auckland Transport has two main functions in managing taxis: to ensure people have safe access to taxis where and when they need them and to ensure taxis have safe access to space, where and when they need it. 

Taxi ranks in central Auckland

To ensure the best of use of the limited parking space available, some taxi ranks having different uses at different times of the day. It's important taxi drivers and other motorists check road signs to ensure they are parked legally. 

Both passengers and taxi drivers have rights and responsibilities, as set out by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA). For more information, see factsheet 21 (Taxis and Shuttles: Rights and Responsibilities) on the NZTA website.


Times of operation

22 Albert St At all times
21 Customs St East 6pm - 8am
67 Customs St East 11pm - 6am
Customs St North, kerb by Westfield Midnight - 6am
Durham Lane West, outside City Life Hotel At all times
Federal St, outside casino At all times
Galway Street, outside Britomart At all times
Hobson St , outside casino At all times
136 Karangahape Road At all times
191 Karangahape Road At all times
270 Karangahape Road 11pm - 6am
283 Karangahape Road 11pm - 6am
Kitchener St, opposite Victoria St car park At all times
Lower Hobson St, outside Kermadec 6pm - 8am
100 Mayoral Drive At all times
10 Princes St At all times
220 Quay St, under the old Americas Cup boat 6pm - 8am
Quay St, outside PWC Building 6pm - 8am
Queen St, outside Town Hall 6pm - 8am
7 Shortland St 6pm - 8am
5 Turner St At all times
Wellesley St West, outside Smith and Caughy At all times
Wyndham St, eastern end At all times
Wyndham St, western end At all times

Note: some taxi rank locations may be subject to change, in particular, those currently situated on Queen, Customs and Albert streets.

Night-time taxi ranks

Night-time taxi ranks were introduced in the CBD, to make it easier for people to find taxis at night:  

Rank details and explanation

Hours of operation


Customs Street East, outside the Rose and Crown 6pm - 6.00am 4
Customs Street East, Showgirls Midnight - 6.00am 5
Customs Street East, south side Queen Street to Fort Lane, outside Queen's Arcade 6pm - 6.00am 7
Karangahape Road, between Mercury Lane and East Street Midnight - 6.00am 7
Karangahape Road, between Pitt Street and opposite East Street Midnight - 6.00am 9
Karangahape Road, west of Day Street Midnight - 6.00am 3
Lower Hobson Street, Spy Bar 6pm - 6.00am 14
Nelson Street, outside the Empire Hotel 6pm - 6.00am 2
Parnell Road, down from the George Midnight - 6.00am 5
Parnell Road, The Bogg Midnight - 6.00am 3
Quay Street, outside Price Waterhouse 6pm - 6.00am 3
Queen Street, outside/near Vulcan Lane Midnight - 6.00am 3
Shortland Street, between High Street and Queen Street 6pm - 6.00am 3
Shortland Street, between High Street 6pm - 6.00am 2
Symonds Street, north of Newton Road 6pm - 6.00am 3
Victoria Street East, opposite south side - carpark Midnight - 6.00am 7
Wellesley Street East, outside HSBC 6pm - 6.00am 3
Wellesley Street, outside ASB between Federal Street and Albert Street 6pm - 6.00am 3
Wellesley Street West, outside Murphys Bar 6pm - 6.00am 3

For those requiring a vehicle of their own while visiting central Auckland, short term car hire is now available from cityhop, at Auckland Transport's Civic, Downtown and Victoria Street car parks.