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About the Climate Action Transport Targeted Rate (CATTR)

Te Tāruke-ā-Tāwhiri: Auckland’s Climate Action Plan aims to halve Auckland’s regional emissions by 2030 and plan for the impacts of climate change.

To help achieve these goals, CATTR will raise and ring-fence funds for transport projects that meet 4 clear criteria. To qualify, projects must:

  • be high impact
  • have wide regional benefits
  • address inequity
  • be quick to implement.

Endorsed by Auckland Council’s Governing Body on 7 June 2022, CATTR will provide $573 million over 10 years. Central government co-funding of $344 million combined with fare revenue will see a $1.045 billion investment in buses, ferries, walking and cycling.

Programmes that benefit from CATTR

To achieve carbon reduction outcomes across our transport network, CATTR supports 4 key programmes that will spearhead ongoing initiatives. Find out more about new and improved services and infrastructure under each programme:

Projects funded by CATTR

Transport emissions currently account for 43.4% of Auckland’s total emissions. CATTR represents a relatively small but important contribution to regional and national carbon reduction goals, laying the foundation for central government actions to reduce the effects of climate change.

CATTR will invest in:

  • 10 new frequent bus routes, 69 improved bus routes, and 79 electric or hydrogen buses (roughly 1 million Aucklanders who live within 500 metres of these planned services will benefit)
  • Replacing aging diesel ferries, introducing 6 low-emission ferries, and supporting landside charging infrastructure
  • Cycling and walking infrastructure, including up to 18km of new cycling facilities and 35km of walkway connectivity improvements.
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