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New Network for west Auckland

The New Network for west Auckland has been approved. The final routes are now available.

The New Network for west Auckland is expected to be implemented in mid 2017. The tendering of services will begin in mid 2016. 

Consultation summary

Consultation on the New Network for west Auckland including Helensville, Huapai and Kumeu ran from 21 October to 12 December 2014.

Overall, we received 1242 responses. 

Of the 24 routes in the original proposal, we have recommended changes to 11 as a result of the feedback. We are aware that, as is the case whenever bus services are changed, some existing customers will be disadvantaged by the changes. The overall objective of these changes is to simplify the route network so that services are improved for the majority and are easier for new users to understand.

Key changes

  • Retained peak Te Atatu Peninsula express service to the City Centre (W51X).
  • Retained peak Te Atatu South express service from Henderson via Te Atatu Rd to the City Centre (W52X).
  • Retained peak service Westgate to City express service via North-western Motorway (W79X). The route will join the motorway at Royal Rd.
  • Retained peak Glen Eden express service via New Lynn to City (W25X) serving the Glen Eden area furthest from rail.
  • Routing Glendene service (W31) to travel via Great North Rd to Henderson instead of James Laurie St.
  • Routing Ranui services along Metcalfe Rd (W61 & W62).
  • Routing service through Henderson Valley shops (W61).
  • Routing service along southern part of Central Park Dr (W64).
  • Routing service along Rosier Rd (W23) to New Lynn.
  • Extending Sunnyvale route to New Lynn (W23).
  • Routes W79 and W79X will no longer travel to the railway station in Helensville due to safety concerns with the bus turning around. Buses will continue to do the Rautawhiri Rd and Awaroa Rd loop.
  • Route W78 will terminate in Parlane Rd, Huapai.

Next steps

We plan to introduce the New Network for west Auckland in mid 2017. 

We will run an extensive information campaign well in advance of the start of new services to let people know about the services they can expect in their area and how to use them. 


  • December 2014 - feedback on west Auckland New Network closed.
  • Early 2015 - analysis of feedback.
  • Early to mid 2015 - final bus route decisions confirmed.
  • Mid 2016 - tender process to appoint bus operator; infrastructure changes required.
  • Mid 2017 - implementation of western New Network.

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