Check out our cycle safety tips for riding this winter.

Bike lights & reflectors

  • Put white front, and red rear lights on your bike at night and in low light conditions.
  • Headlights should be attached to handlebars and pointing down. Your lights can be a hazard if used incorrectly. You must not use cycle lighting equipment in such a way that it dazzles, confuses, or distracts so as to endanger the safety of other road users. Angling your front lights down toward the road helps prevent this.
  • Lights must be visible from 200m.
  • You also need a red rear reflector.
  • More information is available in the official NZ Code for Cyclists.

Ride to the conditions

  • Wet weather makes surfaces slippery.
  • Beware of road markings, manhole covers and leaves – try to avoid braking or turning sharply as you cross them.
  • Ride slower in wet conditions to keep control.
  • Watch your following distances.
  • Maintain a good road position and don’t ride in the gutter.
  • Pump the brakes gently when going down hills to avoid skidding. Reduce your speed gradually.

Look after your bike

  • Check your tyres. Make sure there is good rubber for traction in the wet and there are no cuts or glass in them.
  • Put winter lubricant on your chain.
  • Check your brakes work well as they can wear down quicker in wet and dirty conditions.
  • Store your bike under cover.

The right gear

  • Wear something bright or colourful.
  • Reflective strips – on clothing or backpacks improve your visibility.
  • Rain jacket – make sure it’s not going to get caught in the chain or other moving parts.
  • Mudguards – they can keep you cleaner (and a little drier) on wet roads.
  • Gloves – help you maintain a good grip in cold and wet conditions.

Report a problem

Let us know if you see maintenance issues while out riding, like broken glass, blocked drains, low hanging trees, or debris on cycleways so we can get someone out to fix it. Give AT a call on 09 355 3553.