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Auckland Transport

Accessible travel

Auckland Transport is continually striving to improve services for people with access challenges and those with limited mobility. Through guidance from the Transport Accessiblity Advisory Group (TAAG) we hope to make using public transport in Auckland a positive experience.

Many public transport vehicles in Auckland are able to cater for those with access challenges; however it is advised to contact your bus, train or ferry operator to check before you travel. The contact details for each operator are listed below.

Bus accessibility information

All bus services welcome passengers accompanied by service dogs or disability assist dogs.

Around 55% of Auckland buses have super low floors and the ability to kneel to meet the curb, or have wheelchair ramps fitted to allow easy access for wheelchair users.  New buses are being introduced regularly to increase the number of wheelchair access buses in service.

To ensure that there will be a wheelchair access bus on your bus route at the time you wish to travel, we recommend you contact the operator the day before you travel. Find a list of contact numbers.

For guidance only:  Wheelchairs and some mobility scooters can be carried on a bus subject to the following restrictions:

  • Maximum length: 1200mm.
  • Maximum width: 700mm.
  • Maximum weight: 240kg  (combined weight of wheelchair and user).

Please note: for safety reasons pushchairs may be required to be folded down before boarding to ensure they can be safely stowed. For space reasons, buses are unable to carry large mobility scooters or some larger style pushchairs and the measurements above should be used for guidance only.

The mobility devices described above are deemed to be for disabled passengers and exclude personal motorised mobility devices, such as Segways, which may not be carried on passenger services.

A row of seats towards the front of most buses is identified as especially available for the elderly or those with access challenges. Please help us make these passengers' journey easier by allowing them to sit in these seats.

Bus operator contact details

Bus OperatorContact details
Waka Pacific/North Star/GO WEST/Metrolink Passenger  assistance (to confirm wheelchair access for a specific trip): 09 373 9100
Lost property: 09 373 9118 - press option 2
After hours emergencies: 09 309 6269
Ritchies Transport West Auckland: 09 833 6053
North Shore: 09 415 9138
Howick & Eastern Buses Ltd 09 273 3660
Birkenhead Transport 09 483 9119
Urban Express 09 620 5492
Waiheke Island Buses 09 372 8823
Tranzit 09 275 6981

Kneeling bus services

Services such as b.line services starting with 25, 26 or 27 and the 858 North Shore Hospital service use easily accessible buses that kneel on request. These buses can expel air out of their suspension on one side to reduce the step height. To get a bus to kneel, simply ask the bus driver.

Wheelchair accessible bus services

Services such as the 283 Hospitals bus, 380 Airporter, 007, Northern Express and all LINK Services are operated by Wheelchair Accessible Buses which are specially designed to accommodate wheelchairs. Please check with your service operator to confirm your wheelchair meets size and weight requirements.

On-request audio and braille

Improvements to our bus services are always being made, with recent examples including on-request audio announcements (by pushing the yellow button) and Braille signage at bus stops with Real Time signs. New signage is also being installed with larger icons and fonts for those with visual impairments.

Train accessibility information

All train services welcome passengers accompanied by service dogs or disability assist dogs.

Wheelchair access on the train

All train services are equipped with wheelchair ramps and wheelchairs may be carried at any time. Some types of small battery powered mobility scooters may also be carried in off-peak times. 

Mobility scooters and wheelchairs can be carried on the Auckland rail network, subject to the following restrictions:

  • Maximum length: 1350mm.
  • Maximum width: 650mm.
  • Maximum laden weight: 200kg.

These dimensions and weights are necessary to enable safe negotiation of the loading ramp.

The mobility devices described above are deemed to be for disabled passengers and exclude personal motorised mobility devices, such as Segways, which may not be carried on passenger services.

If you require assistance boarding the train or travelling on the train, please ask either the on-board or platform staff.

Station disabled access

Disabled access is not available at Westfield station, please use an alternative nearby station (Sylvia Park, Otahuhu, Middlemore).

Due to station work at Papatoetoe, please board at the southern end of the platform.

Train operator contact details

Train OperatorContact details
Transdev Auckland Ltd 09 969 7777
Open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm
Tranz Scenic - Long distance trains  0800 872467


Ferry accessibility information

Wheelchairs can be taken aboard most ferries, please check with the ferry operator before travelling. If you require assistance boarding the ferry from a suitable waiting point, please contact the ferry operator to arrange this in advance. If you require assistance while travelling on the ferry, please ask the on-board crew.

Ferry operator contact details

Ferry operatorContact details
Fullers Ferries 09 367 9111
360 Discovery 09 307 8005
Pine Harbour Ferry 09 536 4720
West Harbour Ferry 09 416 6344
SeaLink For Waiheke and Great Barrier Island car ferry services
09 300 5900 or 0800 732 5465


Concessionary fares

Concessionary fares are available to passengers who hold one of the following photo ID cards:

  • Auckland Transport Total Mobility ID card.
  • Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind ID card.

The concession allows the above card holders to purchase a one way child cash fare at any time.

The ID card must be shown when the ticket is issued and when boarding the bus, train or ferry.

This discount does NOT apply to the City LINK, Inner LINK, NiteRider, Airbus Express buses.