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Bus and ferry accessibility training links

The videos on this page talk about approaches that reflect a positive and empathetic mindset towards our accessibility members and their community. In these videos, you'll find an emphasis on the importance of fostering an inclusive environment by providing accessible infrastructure, such as ramps to ensure ease of movement.

Additionally, the videos highlight the significance of staff training and their knowledgeable and helpful presence. There is a focus on the implementation of clear communication systems to facilitate effective interactions.

These efforts aim to create a welcoming and accommodating experience for travellers with accessibility needs. They also foster a sense of belonging and ensure equal access to transportation for all.

How to help people who are blind or have low vision to access buses

How to help people who are deaf or hard of hearing access ferries

How to help people in wheelchairs access ferries

How to help seniors access ferries

How to help people who are neurodiverse access ferries

Guidance for ferry transport providers - Blind Low Vision NZ

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