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Auto top up Auto top up

Auto top-up helps ensure you always have enough funds on your AT HOP card to pay your fare. When your AT HOP card balance drops below your selected amount your card is topped up automatically.

How auto top up works

To set up auto top-up you first need to register your card and link a bank account or credit card to your account.

How long before your auto top up is active on your card or shows in your online account

After you’ve set up your auto top-up, it will be active after it has been processed (usually within 24 hours, but can take up to 72 hours). You will need to tag on to an AT HOP reader or electronic gate at a train station for auto top-up to be activated on your AT HOP card. Tag on within 60 days, otherwise the top up expires. If that happens, contact us and we can reactivate it for you.

When your auto top is triggered

When your card balance drops below the level you set for your auto top up, your card will automatically top up again by the amount you've specified when you next tag onto an AT HOP card reader, or go through an electronic gate at a train station. Each time your auto top-up is triggered, we will send you an email. Please ensure you have sufficient funds to allow us to debit the auto top up amount.

If your payment fails on an auto top-up

If we are unable to collect a payment, we will make up to two additional attempts to collect the payment and send you an email each time. However, after the third failed attempt to collect your payment the top-up amount will be removed from your AT HOP card and the auto top-up will be cancelled. If this places your card into a negative balance the card must be topped up to a positive balance before you can use it for travel. A negative balance can be cleared by topping up your card.

How to setup an auto top up online

  1. Login to setup an auto top up on your card if you have a MyAT account and your card is registered.
  2. Click on "MyAT HOP cards" and select the card you want to auto top up.
  3. Click Auto top up "Set and forget". 
  4. Enter the amount for "When HOP Money balance falls below".
  5. Enter the amount you want it to top up by.
  6. Set an end date (defaults to one year and you can change that).
  7. Confirm your payment details and change if needed.
  8. Click "Confirm" button.

Set the amount you want to top up

Choose the amount you want to auto top-up each time - the minimum is $5.

Set a minimum balance

Choose the minimum balance for the automatic top-up - the minimum is $1. When your credit balance on your card drops below this level your card will automatically top up again by the amount you've specified when you tag onto an AT HOP card reader or go through an electronic gate at a train station.

Set an expiry date

Specify the date that you would like auto top-ups to stop. Helpful if you want to stop an auto top-up over the school holidays for example. The default is one year after setup. We recommend perhaps setting it to the same date as your credit card expiry date to make it easier.

Cancel or change your auto top-up

If you ever want to cancel or change your auto top-up, simply log in and disable or change it. Your auto top-up will show as disabled online until you tag on and it is reactivated. You will see the setup request under Pending Transactions until then.

Terms of use of the AT HOP cards are available here.