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This section provides an overview of public transport options for getting to and from Eden Park.

Upcoming events at Eden Park

For more information on upcoming events, please visit the Eden Park website here.

Use the Journey Planner to check the times of regular scheduled bus, train and ferry services to Eden Park and for the times of available services after the event.

For some large events, services in addition to those regularly scheduled may operate. Please see below for details.

General public transport options

Eden Park is located south from Auckland CBD and a train or bus can be used to travel to the location from Britomart Transport Centre. The closest train station to Eden Park is Kingsland Train Station.


Regular services leave Britomart Transport Centre to destinations across Auckland. Final services are in general between 11pm to 12am. For specific service times please check by using the Journey Planner.

For events on Friday and Saturday night the NiteRider service operates from 1am to 3.40am (Saturday and Sunday mornings).

S​ee Bus Stop closures & diversions happening this Saturday 18 June 2022.


You can take the Western Line train to get to Eden Park from Britomart.

Train services travel to the Eastern, Southern and Western suburbs.

Note: For safety reasons, balloons are banned on the Auckland Rail Network and should not be carried on board train services or within the station environment or they will be confiscated/deflated. This is due to the risk of contact with high voltage overhead power lines which operate the electric trains.

For specific service times please check by using the Journey Planner.


The Downtown Ferry Terminal is next to the Britomart Transport Centre; ferry passengers can easily transfer to train or bus at Britomart to make their way to Eden Park..

Please use the Journey Planner to check ferry times to and from Downtown Ferry Terminal

Last updated 16/09/2021
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