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Auckland has a number of off-road cycle and walkways that are perfect for a recreational ride or walk, or for a more scenic commute.

Cycle network maps

Discover Auckland using the growing network of shared paths, on road and protected cycle lanes and quiet routes. We're building more cycleways to connect you to your local town centre, public transport, schools and places of work.

Our series of cycle network maps connect together and show the different types of cycle facilities to help you plan out your rides.

Cycle Network Map covers

These maps can also be collected from a cycle network map stockist.

For a hard copy to be posted out to you please contact us by phone or place an order through email.

Auckland Central city cycle map

Download the Central city cycle map (PDF 1.03MB) to see the cycle network around the city. The highlight is a loop around the city centre which is predominately shared paths and protected cycle lanes, and which also includes the famous pink path Te Ara I Whiti.

Suggested cycle rides

There are many fantastic rides to enjoy all around Auckland, from family-friendly and leisure riding, to fitness, commuting and cycle touring. Along the way you'll see idyllic views, community gathering spots, history and all sorts of things that you can discover from a bike seat.

The below are a selection of our favourite rides – these are predominately on shared paths so are suitable for all abilities and all members of the family.

Shared paths

Across our range of maps and rides there are a number of different types of infrastructure highlighted, including shared paths.

These are exactly that; paths shared by all users on all kinds of mobility, including people walking or on bikes, pushchairs, scooters, and more. They are often found within local reserves or can be specially marked paths.

If you are looking for even more places to explore, then check out the Auckland Council AKL Paths website for a huge range of walkways, trails and cycling routes across the city.

Pedestrian Cut-Throughs

Did you know there are lots of hidden walkways through the City Centre? 80 to be exact. These ‘cut-throughs’ are public shortcuts through or between buildings that connect one street to another. They can get you to your destination quicker or keep you drier along your journey. Some you may already be using, others are less obvious to find.