Legacy resident schemes Legacy resident schemes

When Auckland Transport (AT) was established we inherited legacy council residential parking schemes. We continue to honour these schemes, and they will remain in existence until new residential parking zones are operating in these areas.

Legacy resident scheme areas

Legacy resident schemes operate in a limited number of streets in Central Auckland and Devonport.

Legacy scheme areas are usually a designated parking space in a street.

Permit fee

The permit fee is $70 per year, per vehicle.

Resident parking scheme permits are valid for 1 year from the time the application is granted.

Eligible residents with no off street parking can apply for a maximum of two permits per year or only one in the case of multi-unit buildings.

Legacy scheme areas do not have one day parking coupons.

Permits must be renewed each year.

How to apply

June 2020 - The application process and payment method has changed: 

  • The process to apply for your permit has changed - Read instructions to apply for resident permits.
  • The payment method has changed - All payments will now be processed through the card uploaded in your AT Park account (part of the new application process). We will no longer be sending payment links or invoices, this information will be accessible through your account.

If you require assistance, please call us on 09 528 7275 or complete our feedback form.

Legacy resident scheme features

  • If you live or operate a home-based business in one of the streets a scheme and your residence meets the eligibility criteria outlined in our policy document, you can apply for a permit that gives exemption from parking restrictions.
  • Permit only applies to the street it is issued for.
  • Each permit will be linked to a vehicle registration. If you are not the registered owner of the vehicle, you will need to provide written authorisation from the owner in order to use the permit.
  • If you live or operate a business in Anne Street, Devonport, and do not have off-street parking, you can apply for a parking permit that gives exemption from parking restrictions. Each property is limited to 2 permits.
  • Each property with no off street parking is limited to 2 permits. Multi-unit buildings are limited to one permit.

There are 2 types of permits

  1. Residents exempt - allows a permit-holder to park in designated time-restricted or pay and display parking areas without the need to comply with the restriction or pay for the time. A permit only applies to certain areas of the street it is issued for.
  2. Residents only - allocates a section of road for the exclusive use of permit-holders (this scheme is being phased out and we are no longer issuing new permits).

Parking policy

Legacy Auckland City Council Residential Parking Policy (PDF 104KB).


Resident parking permits are digital.

Our parking officers use the vehicle licence plate number to check that a vehicle has a valid parking permit for the area it is parked.