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Find out if Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland's train lines are running.


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Auckland train status

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What to do when trains aren't running

1. Re-plan your trip with Journey Planner

You can use the Journey Planner on our website or on AT Mobile to see other ways of getting to your destination, including bus services.

2. Check for future planned train line closures

Visit Planned Rail Closures to see information about upcoming planned train line closures.

3. Download AT Mobile for train service updates

Download the AT Mobile app to get notified about changes to train services.

Subscribe to notifications in AT Mobile to find out about:

  • Network-wide issues
    We'll tell you if there are issues affecting the whole rail network, like derailments or natural disasters.
  • Issues with your train line
    We’ll tell you if something happens today that affects your usual train journey
  • Planned line closures
    We'll remind you about closures planned in advance, including dates and affected stations.
  • Trains running during weekends and holiday periods
    We'll tell you if trains are running on weekends and during holidays such as Christmas and New Years.
  • Special events
    We'll let you know if there'll be train delays or closures because of special events, like rugby matches and concerts.
  • Lift outages
    We'll let you know if station lifts aren't working and other ways you can get around.

Why trains are delayed or cancelled

Unexpected incidents

We can’t plan ahead for everything and sometimes things can go wrong or get broken on the rail network, which means trains get delayed or cancelled while the problem is sorted out.

Important works on our train lines

There's a lot of work we need to do to keep our network maintained and get it ready to handle the increased demand we'll face as our population grows. That means sometimes we need to close parts of the line to do important works that'll make it quicker and easier to travel in the future.

Track maintenance 

Like roads, tracks suffer wear and tear over time. That means sometimes we need to slow trains down to keep them safe until we can repair the damaged tracks. When this happens, trains might be delayed as journey times take longer than normal or cancelled if we need to close lines to do repairs.

Driver shortages and sickness

Sometimes we might need to cancel trains because drivers are sick. We may also need to cancel trains due to general shortages of drivers.

Other useful train service information

To find out more about our train services, you can visit:

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