Advice & support Advice & support

For a new or occasional cyclist, find out more about bikes, riding and safety checks, riding gear, or parking and locking your bike. For pedestrians, learn about using footpaths and crossings safely.

Choosing A Bike 294X200

Choosing a bike

Choosing a bike to best suit your needs can be an exciting challenger, here are some things you should consider.

Bike Serial Number V2 294X200

Recording your bike serial number

Find your bike serial number and record it for safe keeping.

Electric Bikes 294X200

Electric bikes

Learn more about the features of an e-bike and tips for riding.

Bike Helmet 294X200

Bike helmets

Ensure that your helmet is in good condition, standards approved, the right size and is worn correctly.

Locking Your Bike 294X200

Bike Security

Learn how to lock your bike safely and securely and other tips.

Cycling In Auckland 220

Bike parking & gear storage

Find places to park your bike and store your gear in Auckland.

Bike Maintenance

Check your bike is safe to ride

Learn how to check that your bike is roadworthy and safe.

Cycle Backpack 294X200

Riding gear

Your guide to different types of riding gear to keep you safe and comfortable.

Riding On Shared Path 294X200

Riding on shared paths, cycleways & the road

Learn about riding on different cycle infrastructure and on the road.


Kids learn to ride

Get started with teaching your kids how to ride a bike with our step by step videos and booklet.

Over 60S Cycle Group 294

Cycling groups & organisations

Find out about different cycling groups and cycling resources in Auckland.

Walking 294

Pedestrian safety

Keep safe as a pedestrian with these tips on using footpaths, pedestrian crossings and roads.