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Learn tips to keep your bike safe. 

Use a strong lock

Prevent bike theft by using a strong, high quality lock. We recommend always using a D lock as your primary lock, with a cable lock to lock your front wheel. Depending on your need, some other locks may work well for you.

The following is a brief guide to bike locks, but we recommend searching online for reviews before deciding which lock to purchase. Always check for independent lock ratings such as Sold Secure and ART.


D-locks are the most secure and are the preferred lock for all purposes. Make sure you're using a high-quality lock with bars at least 13mm thick.


Foldable locks

Folding locks fold small and are lightweight. They offer a good balance of security and portability, but shouldn't be used to lock for extended periods.

Foldable lock.

Chain locks

Chain locks are flexible, allowing you to lock in diverse locations. Make sure your chain links are at least 8mm thick, as thin links are easily cut. Larger links (>12mm) are recommended for locking your bike at home, but can be quite heavy when travelling.

Chain lock.

Cable locks

Cable locks should never be used as a primary lock, but are useful for securing your front wheel.

How to lock your bike securely

Double secured bike

  1. Lock your bike to a bike rack or a solid object that the lock can't be lifted over.
  2. Lock a D-lock through the rear frame and wheel.
  3. If you have a second lock, put it on the front - through the frame and front wheel.

More tips for locking your bike

  • Lock your bike in a visible and well-lit area.
  • Remove all detachable accessories from your bike.
  • Do not lock your bike through its top tube.
  • Remember to always lock your bike, including when you're at home, and even when you'll 'only be a minute'.

Register your bike's serial number

Having a record of your bike’s serial number can help get your bike back if stolen by allowing you to prove ownership. Find this number under the bottom bracket and record it in a safe place.

Register your bike on the free and secure 529 Garage website or app to join a community bike registration and recovery platform working with community partners, NZ Police and Councils to prevent Bike Theft.

Swap your old bike lock

AT is running a Bike Lock Amnesty at Community Bike Hubs. During this period, bring in your old bike lock and turn it in for a free high-quality D-lock. Limit of one per person, available while stocks last.

To see which hubs are participating, visit the Cycling Groups and Organisations.

Discounts on bike locks

If you can't make it to a Hub, or wish to buy your own lock, check out these discounts with retailers in Auckland.

Shop Locations Discounts Offer valid until Conditions
MEC Bikes Mt Eden - 66 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden
St Heliers - 46 Long Drive, St Heliers
10% off all Abus locks in stock in stores 31 December 2022 Please show this webpage to a staff member in store. Discount not available through their webstore.

*Torpedo 7 discounts apply to the original regular price and are not available with any other offer or club member discount.

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