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Eden Park parking permits Eden Park parking permits

The Eden Park residential parking scheme helps residents, guests, and businesses access their property or park on the street when events are held at the park.

The scheme helps reduce traffic congestion around the stadium, provides increased safety for pedestrians, and encourages people attending events to use public transport.

How the scheme works

Resident-only parking operates on days an event is happening at Eden Park. Only vehicles displaying a valid permit (or temporary parking permit) can park within the zone.

The map of Eden Park parking zone shows the area that is activated during events at Eden Park.

Streets in the scheme

Altham Avenue, Bellwood Avenue, Burnley Terrace, Cricket Avenue, Ethel Street, Cromwell Street, Collins Street, Kowhai Street, Marlborough Street, Onslow Road, McDonald Street, Raleigh Street, Reimers Avenue, Rossmay Terrace, Royal Terrace, Sandringham Road (numbers 1 to 183), Shaw Street, Taupata Street, Tongariro Street, Walters Road, Wellgarth Street, Gribblehirst Road (numbers 50 to 91), Paice Avenue (numbers 43 to 91), Parrish Road (numbers 1 to 46), King Edward Street (from number 71 to Paice Avenue intersection), Alderly Road, Carrick Place, Lisnoe Avenue, Leamington Road, Kamahi Street, Ward Terrace.

Permit cost: Free (valid for 5 years)

Parking restrictions

Some areas around the stadium, including areas within the parking zone, are reserved for traffic management purposes.

These areas are clearly signposted on the day of an event and parking restrictions will be enforced, with tow trucks operating.

Parking is available in any of the streets within the resident-only zone that are not required for traffic management. Parking is only permitted for vehicles displaying a valid Eden Park Parking Permit or Temporary Parking Permit.

Vehicles parking in the residents-only parking area without a permit may be towed.

Parking operates on a first-come, first-served basis and there is no guarantee of parking space.

Find out more about times of operation and enforcement.


  • Only residents and businesses within the zone may apply for permits.
  • Absentee owners with residents may not apply for permits.

How to apply for a permit

To apply for a Eden Park resident parking permit, please fill in the online application form (permits cannot be obtained from Eden Park).

Apply for a permit


Permits are free of charge.

Also needed with your application

  • Valid proof of residence or business premises, eg a bank statement, computer-generated bill or recent tenancy agreement, showing your name and full address, dated within the past 2 months. Note: rates and water statements are considered proof of ownership and not residency.
  • If your vehicle is not registered under your name, a letter of permission will be required from the registered owner.
  • If your vehicle is registered to your employer, proof of employment is required, eg a business card, letter from Human Resources Department or Manager.

Once we receive your application

We will contact you within 5 working days to let you know if your permit has been approved. Permit(s) will be posted to you.

Permit expiry

Eden Park parking permits remain valid for 5 years or until AT revokes them. Please retain your permits for use during all events.

Times of operation and enforcement

Notifying residents and businesses

Residents are sent notification by Eden Park prior to events informing them of any parking restrictions or traffic management measures that will be put in place.

Event signage is erected during the week leading up to the event at key locations within the vicinity of Eden Park stadium.

 For more information, get parking and road closure information for upcoming events, or visit the Eden Park website.

Parking enforcement

Temporary parking and traffic signs are displayed at least 24 hours prior to an Eden Park event.

Special operational car parking spaces have been designated within the residential parking zones and residents are not permitted to park in these areas. Enforcement will commence on the date and time specified on the advisory signs located in these operational areas.

Depending on expected crowd size, parking restrictions are generally enforced up to 5 hours before the event begins and up to 3 to 4 hours after it finishes.

Permit holders are not exempt from other parking laws and restrictions within the parking zones. Parking officers are available during events to keep the roadways clear and to ensure that everyone complies with permit restrictions.

Residents who find their driveway blocked by another vehicle can contact Auckland Transport to request assistance.

Temporary parking permits

Temporary parking permits are distributed for some events by the Eden Park Trust as part of the traffic management plan around the stadium.

They are available from Eden Park, Gate G, during business hours (8am to 5pm) during the week. You must bring evidence of address dated within the last 2 months.

For more information contact Eden Park, phone 815 5551, or Eden Park hotline, phone 815 4820.