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Annual renewal date

Ponsonby annual renewal date: 19 June.

Each zone has an annual set date for when parking permits need to be renewed. You will need to re-apply every year.

  • Permit applications are open.
  • Coupon applications are open.

Note: Permit applications open about 4 weeks before the annual cycle date.

Eligible streets

  • Bayard Street
  • Blake Street (part of)
  • Brown Street
  • Clarence Street
  • Cowan Street
  • Douglas Street
  • Fitzroy Street
  • Islington Street
  • John Street
  • Kent Street
  • Lincoln Street
  • Mira Street
  • Norfolk Street
  • O'Neill Street
  • Pompallier Terrace (between Ardmore Road and Redmond Street)
  • Ponsonby Terrace
  • Prosford Street (between Provost and Blake Streets)
  • Provost Street
  • Richmond Road (between Lincoln and Scanlan Streets)
  • Scott Street
  • Sheehan Street
  • Stuart Street
  • Summer Street
  • Tole Street
  • Vermont Place
  • Vermont Street
  • Albany Road
  • Ardmore Road
  • Trinity Street
  • Wanganui Avenue.
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