Residential Parking Permits FAQs Residential Parking Permits FAQs

I live at a priority 1 address, why have I not got a permit? 

  • The cap for your residential zone has reached its limit and during the prioritisation process, you have been rejected for a permit. This is likely to be due to your property already having permit(s) approved. For example, Priority 1 addresses are issued with their first permit before any other address. We then proceed to issue other properties with their first permit, before issuing a priority 1 address with their second permit. This continues until the number of permits reaches the cap. So, if you have been rejected during the prioritisation phase, it is more than likely your address already has been approved for one or more permits by other residents.
  • You have missed the go-live date, and the CAP has already been reached. We do not withdraw permits that have already been approved for the cycle year. 

What is the difference between my permit being ‘Approved’ and ‘Granted’?

  • When you submit a permit application, the status will show as ‘Pending’.
  • Once the application has been processed, this will change to ‘Approved’. At this stage, payment has not been made and the permit is not active – it’s approved but pending payment.
  • Once payment has been received successfully, the status will change to ‘Granted’ and the permit will be active. Please note that if your permit is on ‘Approved’ for too long, it is likely we have attempted to take payment, but it has failed.
  • You will need to update your payment details and email us to let us know so we can put the payment through. 

How do I query my infringement notice?

The parking permit team is unable to waive, or review infringement notices issued to vehicles. You are welcome to request a review via our Infringement Review Team, this can be completed here; 

How do I update the registered address of my vehicle? And why do I have to do this?

  • To update the registered address of your vehicle you can phone the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) on 0800 108 809 or use their online services. 
  • Please note, we do not require you to change ownership or the mailing address of the vehicle, we only require the registered physical address to be updated. 
  • The reason we check the registered address of vehicles is so that permits are not issued to people who are not living in the Residential Parking Zones. In 2021 we began using the NZTA MotoChek database to review the registrations of vehicles, which has improved the accuracy of this vetting process. 

Why has my property been excluded from the Residential Parking Zone?

  • The objective of the zones is to provide greater parking availability and flexibility for residents and visitors. 
  • In considering where the boundary should be drawn and who might be eligible to apply for a permit, Auckland Transport has used the unitary plan to identify areas that are zoned as residential. Areas that are not zoned as Residential have been excluded as they do not have a residential focus and as such it is unlikely that any form of residential parking initiative will be implemented in these locations. 
  • While we appreciate that there will be residential elements to some of these areas these usually involve intensification and are not single dwellings. To include these areas immediately opens increased eligibility which in turn leads to increased demand within close proximity to the property location. 
  • Auckland Transport always advises not to rely on on-street parking as this can be subject to parking controls or changes that might not meet specific needs. 

My permit application has not been processed yet, why is this?

  • We aim to process permit applications as soon as we can, this is normally within 10 working days. When we are experiencing high volumes of applications, this can take longer. 
  • If your zone is renewing, please note that we only process the applications in the last week before the new cycle is set to begin. 
  • Submitting an application for residential parking permits or coupons does not exempt the vehicle from parking restrictions. Parking signs and restrictions must be adhered to until the parking permit has been granted, or the coupon activated, otherwise, the vehicle may incur a parking infringement. 

How do I update my payment details?

  • All payments for permits are taken from the card that you have uploaded to your AT Park account. 
  • Please note that this is different to your AT HOP card and we are unable to use payment from your AT HOP account to pay for your permit. 
  • Steps on how to update your payment details can be found here parking/paying-for-parking/at-park-help/

Why aren’t my coupons working on my AT Park app?

You must have a granted coupon book to be able to access the one-day coupons. To activate the coupons through your AT Park app, you will need: 

  • The most recent version of AT Park downloaded 
  • To be using the same phone as the mobile number you have in your AT Park account 
  • To be signed in with the same email address as you have applied for the coupon with The permit page on the AT Park app might not display the coupon book, but you should be able to click the ‘+’ symbol and then select the permit type to enter whether you want to use free or paid coupons.

Why is my permit $70 when I will not have it for a full year?

  • Residential Parking Zones are a targeted solution to address a parking issue in the area, AT is using a targeted charging system so that those people that benefit from the scheme pay for it. 
  • It is not a monthly charge or yearly charge that can be divided into constituent parts, the fee is the one-off payment required each time a permit is granted and processed, regardless of how long the permit will be active before the zones cycle renews. 

The cap for my zone has been reached, what do I do?

  • We have a waitlist to which we can add your details, so we can be in touch if a permit space becomes available. 
  • We cannot issue permits over the cap. If you have no off-street parking available, you will need to either park further away from the zone, use paid parking (on-street or in a car park) or investigate leasing parking space from a private provider. 
  • Auckland Transport always advises not to rely on on-street parking as this can be subject to parking controls or changes that might not meet specific needs. 

I am moving zones, can I transfer my permit?

Permits cannot be transferred across zones. A new permit application is required for the new zone. 

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