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Jump onboard public transport and see how easy, quick and affordable it is to travel to and from Auckland Airport with us. 

Please note upcoming rail closures across our network:

  • Rail Network Rebuild stage 2: 20 March 2023 to January 2024 (Eastern line affected).
  • Planned rail closures for regular maintenance on select weekends and public holidays.

View lists of upcoming Auckland train closures.

Learn more about the Rail Network Rebuild.

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AirportLink - Auckland Airport via Puhinui Railway Station 

Boarding just got a whole lot easier. The orange AirportLink bus carries passengers between Auckland Airport, Puhinui Station and Manukau Bus Station.

For the first time ever, you can get from Central, East and South Auckland, all the way to the Airport for half the price of a flat white at just 2.90*.

With an AT HOP card, you can say goodbye to airport drop-offs and parking fees. 

Arriving in Auckland for the first time?

You'll need an AT HOP card to use public transport. Find out how to get one.

Leaving Auckland Airport

The AirportLink bus will take you to Puhinui Station where you can travel anywhere on the AT network. If you’re heading South you can stay on the AirportLink until Manukau to connect to bus services.

  • The AirportLink bus leaves from bus stop B at the Domestic terminal and bus stop A at the International terminal. Look out for the orange signage.
  • AirportLink buses have room for your luggage onboard and travel on bus priority lanes to both the Domestic and International Airport Terminals.

Puhinui station to Auckland Airport

  • Puhinui station connects with the orange AirportLink bus, which operates every 10 minutes from 4.30am to 12.40am, 7 days a week.
  • At Puhinui Station you can catch a train to anywhere along the Southern Line and Eastern Line, getting you to Central, East and South Auckland.

Travel times

  •  Puhinui station to Domestic Terminal - 13-17 minutes
  •  Puhinui station to International Terminal – 18-20 minutes

You can view the AirportLink timetable here.

Route 38 - Onehunga and Auckland International Airport via Mangere Town Centre

You can also take the 38 bus, which runs between Auckland Airport and Onehunga via Mangere Town Centre.

  • The 38 bus operates between Auckland Airport and Onehunga rail line via Mangere Town Centre.
  • It operates every 15 to 20 minutes, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, during the day.
  • At the terminals, it stops at the same bus stops as the AirportLink service.

Travel times

  • Onehunga to the airport - 30 to 35 minutes.

You can view the Route 38 timetables here. 

Map showing train lines connecting you to Auckland city through the AirportLink bus and Eastern busway routes using your AT HOP card.

The map shows routes for major train lines including Eastern, Southern, Western and Onehunga train lines. It also shows major interchanges where you can transfer from bus to train and vice versa. 

Download AirportLink to city centre: How to take public transport in Auckland (PDF 1MB).

Plan your journey

It’s important to plan your journey in advance. For detailed travel information and to plan your journey, download the AT Mobile app or visit our website to use the Journey Planner.

From 2023 to 2025, train lines will close in sections for important works. Visit our Rail Network Rebuild page for more information and to see if your travel will be affected. 

Plan my journey

Getting an AT HOP card 

An AT HOP card is a reusable pre-paid travel card that you top up and you will need it to travel on Auckland Transport's buses, trains and ferries. AT HOP cards have a purchase price of $10, but for a limited time you can buy one for just $5*.

Where to buy an AT HOP card at Auckland Airport

Domestic terminal 

  • AT HOP card vending machine located next to the AirportLink bus stop, just outside door 4 of the Auckland Airport Domestic terminal.
  • AirGo Convenience, located in the Regional arrivals/departures area of the Domestic terminal.

International terminal 

  • You will find a map and route information at the bus stop or by talking to our friendly staff at the Customer Service Centre at Puhinui Station
  • Head to the Take Home Convenience shop, located in the International arrivals area, right next to the building exit. Follow the exit sign which says 'Transport' and you'll see the shop on your right. 

Register your AT HOP card

You need to register your HOP card before you top up online. This needs to be done the night before for bus travel or an hour ahead of time for train and ferry travel.

Register your card

You can also register your card by calling 0800 103 080, or visit any of our Customer Service Centres.

How to use and top up an AT HOP card

Load some money onto your new card to begin using it. No cash is accepted on AT buses.

To to-up in person, view a full list of AT HOP retailers to find your nearest HOP retailer or visit your local train station and use the top-up machine there to load more money to your card. 

If you purchase a pre-loaded AT HOP card from our vending machine, it will automatically be loaded with $20 credit. Find out how to top up your AT HOP card online.

Tag on by holding your AT HOP card flat and still to the AT HOP card reader or electronic gate until you hear a beep. Do the same thing when you exit.

Transport fares to and from Auckland Airport

We calculate how much your trip will cost based on the number of zones you travel through. This means it doesn’t matter what form of transport you use, or how many times you transfer, only how far you travel.

When you use an AT HOP card, you’ll pay an integrated fare. That means you can transfer between AT buses, trains, and ferries, and pay just one fare for all the zones you travel through.

The fares are also listed on the Journey Planner and AT app. Remember you need tag on and off for every stage/leg of your journey to get charged correctly.

Find out more about our fare zones and integrated fares system.

*AT bus and train fares are 50% off until 30 June 2023. $5 AT HOP card purchase price is for a limited time and does not apply to the purchase of pre-loaded cards. AT HOP terms apply.