Auckland Airport HOP card machine Auckland Airport HOP card machine

You can buy a pre-loaded AT HOP card from the vending machine at Auckland Domestic Airport for instant access to public transport in Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland.

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How an AT HOP card works

An AT HOP card is a reusable, prepaid smart card that lets you travel on buses, trains, and ferries in Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland.

Because of Covid-19, we’re not accepting cash fares on public transport. That means you must use an AT HOP card to travel on a bus, train, or ferry in Auckland.

Your card is quick and easy to use. Just tag on at the start of your trip, and tag off at the end. Your fare will be automatically deducted from your card’s balance.

If you buy a card from the vending machine, it'll come pre-loaded with $20 of travel credit. You can also top up your card for future trips. 

Find out how to pay for and top up your HOP card.

That means you won’t have to wait and queue up to buy tickets from a Customer Service Centre.

When you use an AT HOP card, you’ll pay an integrated fare. That means you can transfer between AT buses, trains, and ferries, and pay just one fare for all the zones you travel through. Learn more about integrated fares.

Finding the vending machine at Auckland Airport

You can now buy pre-loaded AT HOP cards from our vending machine at Auckland Domestic Airport. That means you can start travelling straight away.

Please note that due to construction work happening at the airport, the vending machine has been temporarily relocated next to door 3.

The AT HOP vending machine is next to the AirportLink bus stop, just outside door 4 of the Auckland Airport domestic terminal, near the Air New Zealand arrivals area.

A map of the Auckland Aiport Domestic Terminal. An orange arrow points out of Door 4, down and to the left, where a black box marks the location of the Auckland Airport AT HOP vending machine. The machine is located next to the AirportLink bus stop.

Just look out for the orange signage to find the bus stop and the vending machine.

You can also buy AT HOP cards online or at any of our Customer Service Centres and AT HOP retailers in Auckland.

Paying for your AT HOP card

An AT HOP card from the vending machine costs $25. This includes $20 of travel credit, which is more than enough to get to the city centre or for a full day of travel.*

The machine accepts the following cards:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express

The machine does not accept cash.

*If you plan to travel by ferry to Waiheke or Rakino, you will need to top up your HOP card with additional credit.

Topping up your AT HOP Card

Your new AT HOP card is reusable and can be topped up again and again.

You can top up your AT HOP card at any of our Customer Service Centres and at HOP retailers around Auckland.

You can also register your AT HOP card and set up an auto-top up to top it up automatically.

The maximum amount of credit an AT HOP card can hold is $500.

Using your AT HOP card

On buses:

  • Tag your AT HOP card on the card reader on the bus when you board and just before you exit the bus.

On trains and ferries:

  • Tag your AT HOP card on the card reader at the train or ferry station before you board and after you exit the train or ferry. 

Learn how to tag on and tag off.

You can view your remaining AT HOP credit in the AT Mobile app. The app also helps you plan and track journeys across buses, trains, and ferries in Auckland. You'll also get information on bike and scooter hire, disruptions, and the best ways to get around on foot. 

Registering your AT HOP card

By registering your AT HOP card, you'll be able to:

  • Get refunds on your AT HOP balance if your card is lost or stolen
  • Access additional services, such as automatic and online top-ups. 

Register your card

You can also register your card by calling 0800 103 080, or visit any of our Customer Service Centres.

If the vending machine is not working

If the machine is empty or out of order, you can buy and top up an AT HOP card at an AT HOP retailer. The nearest one to the vending machine is AirGo Convenience, inside the domestic terminal, next to the Air New Zealand regional lounge entrance.

If the AT HOP card gets stuck in the machine or you have an issue with the payment process, you can request a refund by:

If AirGo Convenience is closed and you can not call the AT Customer Contact Centre, please talk to an AT bus driver.