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Bike parking in Auckland

We provide places to securely lock your bike when you're out and about in the city.

AT cycle parking map
  • Find bike parks. Zoom in and look for the green 'P' symbols on the map.
Locky Dock map
  • The Locky Dock network also provide bike parks throughout Aotearoa / New Zealand.

Bike parks at Papakura or Papatoetoe train stations

  • These can hold 20 bikes and operate on a first come, first served basis.
  • You have a choice of standing and hanging bike parking.
  • Fitted with CCTV cameras for security and shelter for your bike from weather.

Bike racks at selected Northern busway stations

There are standing parks available at:

  • Albany Park and Ride
  • Constellation Park and Ride
  • Smales Farm Station
  • Akoranga Station

These racks are free to use. We recommend using a bike lock.

Lock your bike securely

Got a strong bike lock? Use it correctly to deter thieves.

Diagram of bike showing a chain lock around the front wheel and handle bars and a D-lock around the back wheel and seat. The lock secure the bike to a bike park.
  • Lock your bike in a busy, well-lit place.
  • Lock it to a bike rack or another solid, fixed object that the lock can't be lifted over.
  • Put the lock on the back of the bike. Make sure it goes through the frame as well as the rear wheel.
  • Two locks are better than one. Ideally, use two different styles. Put the second lock through the frame and front wheel.
  • Remove your helmet, lights and other accessories if you can.
  • Remember to always lock your bike, including when you're at home, and even when you'll 'only be a minute'.

Choose the right bike lock

Not sure which style to choose? Some are stronger than others. Visit your local bike store to get the best advice on which lock is right for you. 

Record your bike’s serial number

Knowing your bike’s serial number is the only way to prove it belongs to you. It helps with insurance claims and getting it back if it’s stolen. 

Diagram showing bike pedals and an arrow pointing to bike serial number above left pedal.
  1. Find the serial number on the underside of the bottom bracket, where the pedals attach.
  2. Take a photo of your bike and its number.
  3. Save it on your smartphone or in the Cloud.
  4. You can also record your serial number on 529 Garage website or app. This is a free community bike recovery platform supported by community partners, NZ Police and Auckland Council to prevent Bike Theft.

If your bike is stolen

If someone takes your bike, report it to your local police station. If it’s found, the serial number will help them return it to you.

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