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Promote public transport Promote public transport

Transport is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses in Auckland. There are many advantages to encouraging workers to use public transport:

  • more options for staff to get to and from work,
  • reduces demand for parking,
  • health benefits: walking to and from the bus stop or train station is an easy way to exercise and burn calories,
  • less traffic congestion around the workplace.

If your workplace is nearby to a bus stop, terminal or public transport hub, commuting by bus, train or ferry could be a fantastic sustainable travel option.

With enhanced New Network connections and the introduction of Simple Fares, taking public transport has never been easier – potentially even saving you time and money in the process.

Give public transport a go

Auckland Transport’s Give it a Go public transport trial is available at no cost to select businesses and organizations who want to encourage staff to use public transport. Give It A Go gives eligible staff a chance to trial the bus or train for two weeks.

To apply for Give It A Go at your workplace, Contact us

Terms and conditions apply.

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