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Bus package overview

The CATTR bus package includes:

  • 10 new frequent routes
  • potential for 80 new EVs
  • new or improved routes that will benefit 1 million Aucklanders

Examples of improvements include:

  • adding 9 new routes across Auckland
  • improving 69 bus routes to increase frequency of services.

CATTR service enhancements will also add more than 80 buses to Auckland’s fleet. All-new buses procured from 1 July 2025 will have zero emissions, being electric or hydrogen-powered.

New frequent bus routes

Frequent services run at least every 15 minutes from 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week and at least every 30 minutes from 6am to 7am and 7pm to 11pm.

Frequent routes implemented in 2023

Auckland Transport rolled out 5 frequent bus routes in Auckland’s central and western regions during the 2023/2024 financial year. Two of these were brand-new while 3 replaced current routes.

  • 74 – Crosstown, Onehunga to Glen Innes: every 30 minutes until 11pm (replaces 743)
  • 76 – West Tāmaki and Ōrākei to and from Glen Innes: every 20 minutes until 11:30pm (replaces 762)
  • 13Te Atatu Peninsula to Henderson: every 8 minutes at peak and every 10 to 15 minutes off peak, from 5am to midnight
  • 11T/W – Northwest Shopping Centre to Britomart via Triangle Road or Waimumu Road and Great North Road (replaces 110)
  • WX1 – Northwest Shopping Centre to Britomart via motorway: every 10 minutes until 7pm and every 15 minutes most other times.

Future improvements to the frequent network

The next set of frequent routes being rolled out include 3 new routes (Paerata Loop, Henderson to New Lynn, Manurewa to Highbrook), 4 replacement routes and 6 improved routes, as below:


  • 65 – Crosstown, Balmoral Road: replaces 650, upgraded to frequent
  • 67 – Crosstown, Stoddard Road: replaces 670, upgraded to frequent. 


  • 94B/V – Beach Haven/Verrans Corner to Takapuna via Northcote and Akoranga: replaces 942, splitting into 94B and 94V for frequent corridor access between Verrans Corner and Takapuna. 


  • 37 – Manurewa to Highbrook via Weymouth Road, Roscommon Road, Puhinui Station and Preston Road: new route
  • 39Manurewa to Ōtara via Clendon, Homai, Manukau and Tui Road: replaces 361, upgraded to frequent
  • 40Ngakoroa Station to Papakura Station via Auranga and Great South Road: replaces 376, upgraded to frequent
  • 42Paerata Loop: new one-way loop around Paerata Rise to and from Paerata Station.


  • 12 – Henderson to Constellation Station via Westgate, Hobsonville and Greenhithe: replaces 120, upgraded to frequent on modified SH18 route
  • 15 – Henderson to New Lynn via Henderson Valley Road and West Coast Road: new frequent route 
  • 17 – Glen Eden to New Lynn via Titirangi: replaces 172, upgraded to frequent. 






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