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Senior & SuperGold concession Senior & SuperGold concession

Senior citizens can travel for free on trains and selected bus and ferry services in Auckland, after 9am weekdays and all day weekends and public holidays with an AT HOP card loaded with a SuperGold public transport concession. 

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09 366 4HOP (09 366 4467)

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What you need to know about the SuperGold concession

Find out what you need to know about the SuperGold public transport concession.

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Buy a gold AT HOP card

AT HOP cards cost $10 and must be loaded with at least $5 HOP Money at the time of purchase. The $10 price is non-refundable. Cards are not sold with concession loaded on them.

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Register your gold AT HOP card

Register your gold AT HOP before applying for a SuperGold concession.

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Apply for SuperGold concession

You can only apply for a SuperGold public transport concession on a gold AT HOP card if you have a SuperGold card.

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SuperGold cardholders who have a blue AT HOP card

What to do with your blue AT HOP card with a SuperGold concession on it, or how to get the concession.

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Over 65 and not a SuperGold cardholder

If you do not have a SuperGold card, then you might be eligible for a SuperGold concession on a blue AT HOP card using an AT Senior Citizen ID card.

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Get help with the concession application process

If you need personal help or advice on how to get your SuperGold concession, you have a few options.

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SuperGold cardholders who live out of Auckland

You can follow the same process as Aucklanders, in order to receive a SuperGold public transport concession.

We would like you to know that our AT HOP terms of use have changed as of 22 May 2018. Find out about the changes and read the AT HOP card terms of use.