Te Ara Haepapa – The Journey

Paving the way for the future of Māori on our roads

Did you know that on our Auckland roads Māori have the highest serious injury and death rates? There are many factors that play a part in this and we need to change these now! Each of us can make changes, like improving our behaviour on the road, and we need our friends and whānau to help us make those changes.

Restraints (seat belts)

Correct car and road safety applies to all whānau. Watch these friends and whānau who will remind you to always remember your seatbelt and teach you the best way to keep our tamariki safe in the car.

If you’re looking for support around restraints, car seat installation or drivers licenses, please fill out this Expression of Interest form and we’ll get in touch to help.

Our A-Team

We would like to introduce you to our A-Team: Āwhina, Hare and Mārire. These swtiched-on tamariki have quickly spotted that their older whānau - Ariki, Matu and Marama - are koretake (fools) who need to think more carefully about what they are doing on our roads. The texting! The no seat belts! The speeding! The drinking! These need to change, now!

Learn more about road safety

Maori learner driver licence workshops

Click it good!

Buckle in whānau! It's the everyone's responsibility to make sure they and the tamariki (children, under 15) are buckled up correctly and safely. Make sure you have the right car seats and boosters for those under 148cm, otherwise they shouldn't be in your waka!

Before take-off, please fasten those seat belts whānau. Listen for the click.

Click it good! Whītikiria kia ita!

Learn more about child safety in cars

Read the NZTA's information on seat belts


No matter how old you are, having a couple of drinks and then driving isn't good enough. Any amount of alcohol in your body will affect how you drive and doubles your risk of being in a serious accident.

Think about the impact it would have on your whānau. We all need to Drive Drink Free! Taraiwa inu waipiro kore!

Learn more about drink driving


We are driving too fast for the weather conditions and on roads that aren’t designed for those speeds. Don't learn the hard way. Don't listen to your mates in the car when they tell you to go faster.

Our rori - roads - are not race tracks. So whānau, if you want to become a rally driver then head down to the race track. Slow Down! Āta Haere!

Learn more about speeding


Put your mobile devices away before you get in the driver’s seat. Your boyfriend or girlfriend can wait. A split second glance at your screen could cost you your life.

Concentrate on the road! Me aro ki te rori!

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Read the NZTA's information about driver distractions

Find out about demerit points for mobile phone-related offenses

Read the rules about mobile use while driving

Further information

Learn more about road safety on the Safer Journeys website

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