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Auckland Transport

Auckland's new
transport officers

We’re looking for positive, confident, customer service stars for the exciting new role of AT Transport Officer. You’ll be working across the Auckland Transport network, enhancing passenger safety and pro-actively dealing with issues that arise.

As part of the SaFE (Safety and Fare Enforcement) programme new staff will manage fare evasion through fare inspections and issuing infringements. They will also be trained in how to de-escalate situations caused by anti-social behaviour.

You’ll become a respected figure in your community and a crucial member of the team that keeps Auckland’s future-facing transport system moving forward.

Meet Kina and Dave

Photo of transport officer Kina

“What attracted me to this role
was the people. I’m definitely a
people person.”

photo of transport officer Dave

“You’ve got to be active,
friendly and focused on
customer service.”

Is this the job for you?

Some of the qualities we’re looking for are listed below. Click on each one for more details.

You can read the full job description here »


“Auckland is a fast growing and vibrant city that needs a modern, safe and reliable public transport system. AT has invested heavily in public transport in recent years and the results speak for themselves. Last year there were 91 million trips on public transport.

Trains are at the heart of this progress and our new Transport Officers are the key to safety and great customer experience. This is your chance to be a part of this success.

I am immensely proud of the achievements of the team to date and invite you to apply for this exciting role and join our motivated, experienced and passionate team and start your journey with us."

Logan Christian,
Transport Compliance Manager

Not quite the job for you?

Transport Officer

Kina was attracted to the role of Transport Officer because she’s a real people’s person. She loves meeting people and helping them out. And in this role Kina, meets Aucklanders from all over the world.

“Within Auckland we’ve got a whole heap of diversity and culture” says Kina, “so the language barrier can be a challenge, but I look at it as an opportunity to educate each person from my unique point of view.”

“Mainly our role is around customer service — that’s obviously number one — however we do come across some difficult situations dealing with customers. That’s where we need to be firm, confident and remain professional. And make sure that when we leave the customer, they understand what we’ve said.”

Photo of transport officer Kina

“If you’re someone like who likes smiling, definitely come along!”


“During the day I’m making sure everyone’s safe… keeping behind the yellow line for example… or on the trains checking tickets.”

Kina sees the main qualities of a Transport Officer as maturity, integrity, a customer service focus, as well as being friendly and approachable.

Transport Officer

Dave’s worked for a large telecommunications company, leading a team of customer service reps, as well as the Police, Corrections, and as an investigator for the Earthquake Commission. His customer service focus and experience made him ideal for this new role.

“As a Transport Supervisor, I lead a team of Transport Officers who look after safety and customer service on Auckland's transport network.”

“The two main roles as Transport Officers are to make sure people pay their fares on the network and provide excellent customer service. So we’re looking for people from a background from customer service, with the ability to challenge people when they don’t actually pay for their fare or have forgotten to pay for their fare.”

photo of transport officer Dave

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for a career change.”


Dave really enjoys the variety of the role. “Every day is different. We’re out and about on the network dealing with people, dealing with real incidents, and helping tourists from all around the world.”

“When it’s time to deal with challenging situations, you need to be confident and you need to have a persona about you that means you can go into a situation and calm it down. You don’t want to escalate it — you need to deal with the situation in a friendly manner.”

“Auckland Transport looks after us. We’ve got a 24/7 backup from an emergency centre if we need any assistance. They can call police or call other services, or get extra teams to assist us if we need it. They’re very focused on health and safety for the teams working out on the network.”

“If you’re looking for a career change this is a great opportunity for you, no two days are the same. You’ll get great backup, great training, plus fantastic managers and IT. It’s well worth changing for this career.”