Community Connect concession Community Connect concession

Applications for the Community Connect concession are now open. If you are a Community Services Card holder, you can pre-order now, and your concession will apply from 1 July 2023. 

Until then everyone in Aotearoa / New Zealand can enjoy cheaper travel with an epic 50% discount off AT fares and concessions which has been extended to 30 June 2023. 

Save 50% when you travel on most buses, trains and ferries in Auckland if you have a Community Services Card. Apply online on your existing card or order a free, discount-loaded AT HOP card.

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Who is eligible

If you're eligible, you can now pre-order your Community Connect concession.

  • You can apply for the discount if you have a current Community Services Card issued by the Ministry of Social Development (MSD).
  • We can only send out one free Community Connect AT HOP card for each MSD client number.

Don't have a Community Services Card? Find out how to apply on the Work and Income website

Carry your Community Services Card while travelling

From 1 July 2023, you must carry your Community Services Card while travelling and present it on request to prove that you are eligible for a Community Connect fare.

The concession is strictly for personal use and cannot be shared with friends or family.

Discounted travel services

From 1 July 2023, eligible customers can get a 50% discount on all AT scheduled bus, train and ferry services. You can apply to pre-order your concession now.

These services remain full price:

  • Waiheke and Rakino ferry services
  • Interregional bus services including services operated by Intercity
  • Northern Explorer train services.

Free child weekends do not apply to the Community Connect AT HOP card. Find out more about discounted travel for children and school students.

For interregional bus services operated by Waikato Regional bus Services and the Te Huia train services, visit the Bee Card website to find out how the concession will be applied to it.

How long the travel discount lasts

Your Community Connect concession will apply for as long as you hold an active Community Services Card.

We will regularly check your eligibility with the Ministry of Social Development (MSD).

  • If you are no longer eligible, we will contact you to tell you that your concession is ending.
  • You can still keep your AT HOP card and use it with regular adult fares.
  • If you become eligible again you can reapply for the Community Connect concession. 

Register your AT HOP card in MyAT to ensure we have up-to-date contact information for you.

If you already have an AT HOP concession

You can either get the Community Connect concession on your existing card, or apply for a new AT HOP card.

Please note that you cannot have more than one concession on your AT HOP card.

Option 1

Get the Community Connect concession on your existing card. This will replace your current concession.

  • Your current concession will be active until 30 June 2023.
  • On 1 July 2023, your previous concession will be removed and replaced with the Community Connect concession.

When your Community Services card expires, you will need to reapply for your previous concession.

Option 2

Apply for a new AT HOP card with the Community Connect concession and manage two cards. 

Once your new card arrives:

  • You can keep using your old card, including any concessions.
  • Link each AT HOP card to the same primary or linked account in MyAT.

Compare HOP card fares in the table below.

If you have a SuperGold Concession

And you travel before 9am weekdays:

  • We recommend going with Option 2 and managing two cards.

And you travel after 9am weekdays:

  • We recommend you continue to use your SuperGold card and enjoy free travel after 9am weekdays, and all-day weekends and public holidays.

Compare HOP card fares 

For more information, see our fare prices for bus and train travel page.

Half price fares

These fares only apply before 9am on weekdays, and all other times are free.

Zone Community Connect Adult Child Child Weekend Accessible Secondary Tertiary SuperGold before 9am SuperGold
Citylink $0.30 $0.60 $0.30 $0.32 $0.00 $0.30 $0.32 $0.30 $0.32 $0.30 $0.48 $0.30 $0.60 $0.00
1 Zone $1.10 $2.20 $1.10 $1.15 $0.00 $1.10 $1.15 $1.10 $1.15 $1.10 $1.70 $1.10 $2.20 $0.00
2 Zones $1.95 $3.90 $1.95 $2.25 $0.00 $1.95 $2.25 $1.95 $2.25 $1.95 $2.97 $1.95 $3.90 $0.00
3 Zones $2.70 $5.40 $2.70 $3.10 $0.00 $2.70 $3.10 $2.70 $3.10 $2.70 $4.16 $2.70 $5.40 $0.00
4 Zones $3.40 $6.80 $3.40 $3.95 $0.00 $3.40 $3.95 $3.40 $3.95 $3.40 $5.25 $3.40 $6.80 $0.00
5 Zones $4.00 $8.00 $4.00 $4.70 $0.00 $4.00 $4.70 $4.00 $4.70 $4.00 $6.34 $4.00 $8.00 $0.00
6 Zones $4.60 $9.20 $4.60 $5.30 $0.00 $4.60 $5.30 $4.60 $5.30 $4.60 $7.30 $4.60 $9.20 $0.00
7 Zones $5.20 $10.40 $5.20 $5.70 $0.00 $5.20 $5.70 $5.20 $5.70 $5.20 $8.10 $5.20 $10.40 $0.00
8 Zones $5.80 $11.60 $5.80 $6.10 $0.00 $5.80 $6.10 $5.80 $6.10 $5.80 $8.70 $5.80 $11.60 $0.00
9 Zones $6.30 $12.60 $6.30 $6.45 $0.00 $6.30 $6.45 $6.30 $6.45 $6.30 $9.00 $6.30 $12.60 $0.00

How to apply for Community Connect on an existing card

Step 1
Apply online

You will need your: 

  • MyAT account login 
  • Ministry of Social Development (MSD) client number

Log in to MyAT 

Step 2
Receive confirmation

Receive an email from us confirming the discount application within 5 working days.

You can keep using any existing concession until 30 June 2023.

Step 3
Tag on 

To activate your discount, tag on and start using the Community Connect concession on 1 July 2023.

How to apply for Community Connect on a new card

Step 1
Apply online

You will need your: 

  • Ministry of Social Development (MSD) client number
  • date of birth 
  • postal address

Apply for Community Connect 

Step 2
Receive your card

Receive a new, free, discount loaded AT HOP card in the mail.

It should arrive in 10 working days.

You can keep using your other AT HOP cards and concessions.

Step 3
Top up

Top up your new AT HOP card. 

You need to top up your card before you can use it for travel on 1 July 2023.

How to top up your AT HOP card. 

Get help with your application

Need support? A friend or family member can fill in the Community Connect application form on your behalf. You can also visit your nearest Work and Income Service Centre for assistance.

AT HOP card terms of use