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Auckland Transport
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Cycling & Walking

Whether you are planning to cycle to work, walk to school, run during your lunch break, or just quietly explore Auckland on the weekend, there are plenty of places to ride, run and walk.


Cycle & walkway maps

Auckland has a number of off-road cycle and walkways that are perfect for a recreational ride or run, or for a more leisurely scenic commute.

School travel

Promoting and facilitating safe alternatives to the private vehicle drive to and from school.

Cycle events & activites

Events to help you discover the fun and freedom of riding a bike, or walking to explore.

Cycle training courses

Sessions for beginners, on-road training, checking bike road-worthiness, hand signals, fitting a cycle helmet and bike maintenance classes.

Cycle safety

It's important that bikes are roadworthy and safe to be on the road.

Pedestrian safety

Pedestrians are vulnerable on our roads. Pedestrians and motorists have a shared responsibility to keep our roads safe.

Cycle information

Tip sheet for choosing a bike with lots of cycling resources and groups.

Improve cycleways

Keen to hear your suggestions so they can be considered when transport projects are being planned and prioritised.

Bike & cycle gear storage

Store your bike and/or cycling gear in a secure covered container or gear locker.