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Find the perfect bike for you

To find the perfect bike for your lifestyle, think about:

  • how far and how often you’ll ride
  • whether comfort or speed is more important to you
  • what you’ll be carrying
  • if you’ll ride on roads, paths or rougher trails.
  • how many gears you'll need 
  • if you want special features like suspension or disc brakes.

Try before you buy. Chat to friends who ride or contact a local cycling group for advice.

Electric bikes (e-bikes)
Electric bike
  • Electric bikes help you ride further, whizz over hills and arrive feeling fresh.
  • A battery and small motor boost your pedal power.
Mountain bikes
Mountain bike
  • Mountain bikes are designed for rough terrain but you can ride them anywhere.
  • Suspension makes for a smooth ride, and their low gears make hill climbs easier.
Road bikes
Road bike
  • Road bikes are built for speed and agility.
  • They’re lighter than most other bikes, with smooth, slim tyres.
  • Great for travelling far, fast.
Commuter bikes
Commuter bike
  • Commuter or ‘hybrid’ bikes combine road and mountain bike features.
  • They’re versatile for riding around town.
  • It’s easy to add accessories to them such as mudguards, racks and panniers.
Urban bikes
Urban bike
  • Urban bikes give you a comfortable, upright ride.
  • Some are vintage-style ‘step-through’ bikes, with no crossbar and few gears.
  • They often come with a rear rack or front basket.
Folding bikes
Folding bike
  • Folding bikes are compact and super portable.
  • They’re ideal for taking on public transport.
  • Small wheels and telescoping parts make them easy to store in small spaces or pop in your car boot.
Cargo bikes
Cargo bike
  • Cargo bikes let you ditch the car and carry loads on two wheels — from kids to bags of shopping.
  • There are electric options and a range of styles, with boxes, racks or seats back or front.
Step-through bikes
Step-through bike
  • Step through bikes let you 'step-through' the bike to get on, rather than having to swing a leg over the seat.
  • They are comfortable bikes with an upright riding position.
  • They are great for cruising along on and can be made more versatile by adding accessories such as a luggage rack.

Get the right size and fit

To feel great, your bike needs to fit you properly. Head to your local bike shop or Community Bike Hub for advice on the best set-up and size — even if you’re aiming for second-hand. Their staff will love helping you out, whatever your ability.

  • Try out different frame sizes. Most models come in a range from XS to XL.
  • There are also a variety of wheel sizes from 20" (for BMX and kid's bikes) to 700c (for road bikes) to 27.5" or 29" (for mountain bikes).
  • Ask bike shop staff to fine-tune the fit by adjusting the seat, handlebars and brake levers.
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