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  1. The annual resident permit or daily coupon may only be used in a parking place that is defined as part of the residential parking zone. It may not be used in any other authorised vehicle parking place in the Auckland Transport system.
  2. The annual permit and daily coupon exempt the vehicle from the parking restrictions within the signed boundary of the residential parking zone.
  3. Vehicles that exceed the maximum parking time in a resident parking zone and do not have a valid permit may receive an infringement notice.
  4. The parking scheme operates on a first-in, first-served basis and does not guarantee a parking space will be available.
  5. The permit does not exempt the driver from parking laws or general parking restrictions imposed by the Road User Rule (for example, no parking over a driveway, no parking within 6m of an intersection) or the Auckland Transport Traffic Bylaw 2012.
  6. The permit does not apply to any prohibited or no-stopping areas such as bus stops, taxi stands, mobility parking bays, clearways or where there are broken yellow lines. This also applies to all other timed parking restrictions in the resident parking zone.
  7. We may inspect your property before we approve your permit. We will notify you by email before the inspection.
  8. An authorised vehicle for an annual permit must not be a trailer, boat, caravan, truck, bus or tractor.
  9. An authorised vehicle for a daily permit must be a passenger or commercial vehicle under 3 tonnes.
  10. The permit is not transferable to another vehicle without the prior agreement and approval of Auckland Transport.
  11. The permit holder must notify Auckland Transport when they no longer live at the address given in their permit application.
  12. The permit is for personal use and will be revoked if it is directly or indirectly used for commercial purposes.
  13. Auckland Transport reserves the right to revoke a resident permit or coupon at any time and without giving a reason.
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