Moving premises Moving premises

Get help from Auckland transport with planning your office move.

Transport is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses in Auckland, and should be a consideration when looking for new premises.

AT can offer information and tools to help with the transport challenges your staff may face during a move.

Benefits of providing transport support to staff

  • Help to reduce the stress staff have when planning a route to a new workplace.
  • Provide more options for staff to get to and from work.
  • Help reduce congestion around your new site.
  • Reduce demand for parking.

Resources available to you

We can offer various tailored services to help support your staff with transport options to the new premises including:

  • Pre-move transport check

Before signing up to new premises, you may be interested to know how accessible the new location is. AT can provide a short overview of transport options at your potential new site.

  • Transport information for staff

AT can provide an overview of transport options available to and from the new premises. This can be included in your staff communications and induction processes.