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Auckland Transport

Top up AT HOP card Top up AT HOP card

Put money on your AT HOP card by topping up your card online, at AT HOP retailers, at train station and Northern Busway top-up machines, or AT Customer Service Centres.

Log in to top up your card online if you have an MyAT account and your card is registered.

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What you need to know about putting money on your card

Things to know about topping up your AT HOP card.

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Top up your card online

Top up your registered AT HOP card online.

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Auto top up

Find out how to setup an auto top up so your card is topped up automatically.

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Top up using a top up machine

Top up your card using a top-up machine at train stations across Auckland and bus stations along the northern busway.

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Places to top up in person

Find a retailer in your area where you can top up your card.

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Top up with a monthly pass

Top up your card with a monthly pass.

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Top up with a day pass

Find out more about how to top up with a day pass.

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Transferring your balance from one card to another

How to transfer your balance from a lost or stolen card to a new card.

Terms of use of the AT HOP cards are available here.