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Key information

  • More than 50% of the rebuild is complete, following the completion of the Western Line rebuild between Newmarket and New Lynn.
  • Rebuilt sections of the Southern and Eastern lines have seen improved reliability and train speeds. They are now the best performing services on the Auckland rail network.
  • Southern Line drainage upgrades between Puhinui and Papakura due for completion by 19 May 2024. 
  • Stage 4 rebuild between Papakura and Pukekohe begins on 19 May 2024. Work will be carried out mostly at night, allowing more work to be completed in a shorter period.

Stage 4 closures

KiwiRail is rebuilding the rail network between Pukekohe and Papakura from 19 May 2024 until mid-January 2025. This work will be mostly happening at night and 24/7 during long weekends, which will reduce disruptions to passengers later.

Southern Line trains were to start serving Pukekohe from late 2024, but the RNR work will delay the reopening by approximately one month, to mid-January 2025. 

Carrying out significant work like this on a 24/7 live network is extremely difficult. Although no commuter passenger trains are running between Papakura and Pukekohe, freight and long-distance passenger trains still use this part of the rail network. 

Getting around while lines are closed

The 394 bus service will continue to connect Pukekohe and Papakura stations (stopping at Paerata Rise) until Southern Line trains start serving Pukekohe again. 

During the closure, the cost of the bus trip will be 1 cent. If you transfer to another bus or train within 30 minutes, the 394 bus is free. 

Customers must use an AT HOP card on the 394 service. 

Bus operating hours 

The 394 bus is scheduled to replicate the affected train service as much as possible, running 7 days a week, including late-night departures on Fridays. 

The 394 bus will run: 

  • every 15 to 20 minutes at peak commuting times on weekdays 
  • every 20 to 30 minutes at all other times. 

Buses have been scheduled to allow for a comfortable transfer time to trains at Papakura Station and other local buses at Pukekohe.

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