Auckland Museum embraces the future by bike Auckland Museum embraces the future by bike

Published 11 December 2018

Earlier this year, Auckland Museum won the top prize in Auckland Transport’s annual Travelwise Choices Awards 2018 for its multi-year travel plan, designed to appeal to staff and drive positive behaviour change.

Auckland Museum’s commitment to promoting sustainable travel from within, was not only outstanding, but technically challenging given its location and heritage building status.

“We’re in the middle of a beautiful urban park and a really sensitive environment,” says David Gaimster, the Museum’s Chief Executive. "Encouraging our people to look at alternative ways of getting to work and reduce our carbon footprint reinforces our commitment to sustainability which is what this institution has been dedicated to since its foundation.”

The Museum worked closely with Auckland Transport to design a Travel Plan that met the needs of its people. Together they designed a baseline staff travel survey to determine existing travel behaviour patterns, and to explore ways to reduce high rates of single occupancy vehicles travelling to the Museum. AT held a Travel Expo and signed up 19 staff for its “Give it a Go” public transport trial, as well as arranging beginner road safety bike sessions on the premises with external bike training supplier, Nextbike.

The Museum went on to create carpool parks and a customised ‘Smart Travel’ rideshare commuting website. They extended existing bike parking and installed showers, changing rooms, drying facilities and lockers. A guaranteed emergency ride home scheme proved very popular with staff.

“End of journey facilities were one of our key priorities in terms of our incentives,” says Julie Foster, Travel Plan Coordinator. “We knew if we wanted our people to walk or cycle to work it was a key focus for us. They wanted to be able to ride to work, park their bike, go and have a shower and get changed all in the same place. Additionally we’ve embarked on a partnership with Explorer Bus to enable our people to travel to work and also for business related travel through the CBD.”

“We are thrilled at what we’ve already achieved, with increased numbers cycling, busing, carpooling or taking a motorcycle or scooter to work,” said Mr Gaimster. “Our travel plan belongs to our people, who have wholeheartedly embraced new ways of commuting.

Being more Travelwise has also freed up more public parking for visitors. The Museum is also delivering on its Five Year strategy to create a sustainable fit for Auckland’s future that plays a part in a contributing to a greener Auckland.