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If your business is looking to help employees with their commute to work or cut the costs of company cars, we can help set you up with options.

Travelwise Choices for Organisations

Transportation can be a major issue for businesses in Auckland, but there are many commuting options that can make a real difference.

Encouraging employees to leave their cars at home and switch to more sustainable modes of travel has many benefits for your organisation, including less demand for parking, lower parking costs, healthier and less stressed staff, and higher productivity and staff engagement. It also contributes to less congestion and fewer delays to business vehicle trips overall.

Many organisations across Auckland have leveraged the benefits of having a comprehensive travel plan, working with Travelwise Choices. This has led to new ways of working, higher productivity for staff as well as cost savings.

If your organization or business is considering cutting the costs of parking or company cars or are looking to assist employees with their commute to work, our The Travelwise Choices programme can provide the support and guidance relevant to your business to make sure alternative travel options work for you.

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City Centre organisations

See what you can do - and how we can help - to make travel easier in the city centre.

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Workplace travel planning

Manage everyone’s commuting needs by creating a travel plan for your workplace.

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Case studies

Find out about businesses getting great results with the Travelwise Choices programme.

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Travelwise Choices Awards

Celebrating and sharing the successes of organisations committed to promoting sustainable transport.

Promote Walking And Cycling

Promote walking and cycling

Encourage walking and cycling at your workplace.

Promote Public Transport

Promote public transport

Encourage public transport at your workplace.

Flexible Working

Promote flexi-working

Learn about the benefits of providing flexible working options to staff.

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Moving premises

Plan your office move to make the best of any transport challenges that your staff may face.


Road safety support

Auckland’s Vision Zero goal is no deaths or serious injuries on our transport network by 2050. AT offers support to keep yourself and other road users safe.