Pararekau Road improvements Pararekau Road improvements

In the last two years, the number of vehicles using Pararekau Road each day has more than doubled from 717 vehicles (June 2018) to 1665 (April 2019). The road needs to be redesigned for the future.

Project status: Construction - last updated 12 February 2021.
Project zone: South

Project overview

As a result of an increase in the number of people using Pararekau Road, the road surface has deteriorated and requires improving.

Auckland Transport is aware that the Karaka/Hingaia community has been waiting for the road surface to be improved for some time. We apologise for the delay in undertaking this work.

Auckland Transport wants to make our roads safe for everyone – people walking and cycling, especially our kids and senior citizens, as well as people driving. Projects like this are another step towards our Vision Zero goal of achieving no deaths or serious injuries on our roads.

Immediate, temporary work

On 12 May 2020, Auckland Transport undertook work to temporarily improve the road surface on Pararekau Road. The work took one day to complete after being delayed by adverse weather and would improve the road surface for the winter period.


  • Safety improvements.
  • An upgraded storm water system.
  • Renewed footpath and road surface.
  • Improved lighting.


  • The detailed work to redesign Pararekau Road for the future is now complete and a timeline towards completing the construction has been developed.
  • May 2020 - immediate temporary work to improve the surface of Pararekau Road for the winter period is complete.
  • Late August to early September – procurement.
  • Mid-September – contract awarded.
  • Late September - physical works to permanently improve and rebuild the road for the increasing number of people who are using it every day starts.
  • Late January 2021 – physical works are completed.

Project details

Towards the end of September 2020, we will start work to rebuild the road for the increasing number of people who are using it every day. This work includes significant underground works, which cannot be started until after the winter period.

This work will include improving the alignment, profile, and cross-section of the road, which will address stormwater run-off, as well as the resurfacing of 700 metres of road pavement, kerb, channel, footpath work, additional lighting, and an underground stormwater upgrade.

  • A full-closure of Pararekau Road between the entrance to the Summerset Karaka Retirement Village, at 49 Pararekau Road, and Island View Road is likely to be required - see traffic management during construction below.
  • Access to businesses and people’s residences will be maintained.
  • All residents affected by the work will receive advance warning of temporary traffic management required to undertake the work.
  • If there is any impact on trees, Auckland Transport will engage with private property owners on a one-on-one basis.

Traffic management during construction

Prior to work starting, a detailed traffic management plan will be prepared by the successful construction company. Details of this plan will be provided to the community once it has been approved.

We expect that the work will require a full-closure of the road between the entrance to the Summerset Karaka Retirement Village, at 49 Pararekau Road, and Island View Road.

People living or running a business within the area affected by the closure, including Fleur Road and Normanby Road, will maintain access to their properties and businesses with the assistance of traffic management personnel.

After the work is complete

At the conclusion of the work, people will see both safety and stormwater improvements.
The work focuses on:

  • geometric improvement (improving the slope of the road away from the middle of the road so that water better runs off the surface);
  • road pavement repair/reconstruction of approximately a 700 metre section of the road
  • renewed kerb/channel, lighting and footpath;
  • stormwater upgrade/improvement.

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