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Accessibility action plan Accessibility action plan

The accessibility action plan provides details on what actions Auckland Transport will undertake over the next 3 years to improve accessibility.

About the accessibility action plan

The plan is an outcome of the Auckland Transport Disability Policy (2013), Auckland Council’s Disability Operational Action Plan (which mandated the formation of this Plan) and the Auckland Plan 2050 (2018), which has made accessible services and infrastructure a key focus area for the City.

This plan will be updated regularly to reflect the successful completion of the actions outlined in the document, and to add new actions over time.

The AT Board approved the 2020-2022 Accessibility Action Plan at its 3 December 2019 Board Meeting.

The aim of the plan is to ensure that Auckland Transport provides a transport system that caters to all members of the community.

This plan focuses primarily on delivering actions that ensures transport facilities, vehicles, information and services are easy to find out about, to understand, to reach, and to use, for people with accessibility requirements and therefore for everyone, as part of their day-to-day lives.


Read the accessibility action plan (PDF 4.8MB, 19 pages)

Accessible content

Plain text version of the accessibility action plan (docx 65KB)

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